Amy Winehouse Rehab Failure?

Is Amy Winehouse rehab failure? And if so, why do people continue to bash her and make fun of her when she clearly needs some serious help? 

Amy Winehouse Current News

Certain Amy Winehouse facts are true. She was booed off the stage at her most recent live concert and has cancelled the remainder of her European tour dates. People who attended her last concert at Belgrade said she was slurring and stumbling through the entire performance. She was clearly intoxicated, as she has been many times before while performing a concert.

Almost her entire music career has revolved around the fact that she has a problem with alcohol and drugs. Why is it that she has still not received the help that she needs? Why does our society care more about making someone famous and also care more about making fun of someone than they do about someone getting the help that they really need? For someone like Amy Winehouse rehab is a must. 

Sure, it’s a good story that Amy Winehouse was too drunk to perform and was booed off the stage. Yes, she has sort of turned this into her image, or WE have turned this into her image. Celebrity addiction is a topic that sells.

But to me, it shows how ruthless and truly ignorant a lot of people in our society are. That’s not to say that everyone likes to watch her fail and that no one realizes she needs help. There are some people out there that can recognize the severity of her problem. But for the most part, it’s just a funny story to people.

This makes me really upset, and, quite honestly, really disgusted. This doesn’t just happen with celebrity addicts. This happens with everyone. I remember what it was like when I was in college living away from home, still drinking and using drugs. I had a very serious problem, and people either didn’t notice or didn’t care.

To my friends, it was all kind of a big joke. Who did the most ridiculous thing the night before? Who drank the most? Who got in the most trouble? The truth is, a lot of people I went to school with probably had a problem with alcohol and drugs. I absolutely did, but it was overshadowed by the fact that everyone I surrounded myself with thought it was all a big joke. We thought of it as a game, really, and this allowed me to continue to drink and use drugs for far too long.

I’m certainly not blaming any of the people I spent my time with – the truth is they didn’t know the extent of what I was doing, and the truth is they may not have had drinking problems at all. Perhaps they can handle their drinking and do as they please. Unfortunately, I couldn’t do that and it caused me an incredible amount of pain and suffering. It almost cost me my life.

Amy Winehouse Rehab and Life

The famous song Rehab by Amy Winehouse includes the following lyrics: “They tried to make me go to rehab but I said no, no, no”. It is said that the particular time that was being referred to by those lyrics was a time that Winehouse’s music producers wanted her to go to rehab, but she refused. Reports say that Amy Winehouse in rehab has actually occurred at least 4 times, but clearly it hasn’t been working.

Every single time Amy Winehouse goes to rehab for substance addiction, her main goal is to get out and get back to singing. Never once does it seem as though her recovery and her sobriety is her top priority. I obviously don’t know Amy Winehouse personally, but in my opinion, she hasn’t reached the point where sobriety is her main goal.

And it seems as though the people she surrounds herself with don’t care enough about her recovery. Everyone wants Amy Winehouse out of rehab and back to singing. Sure, it’s great to do what you love, and it’s great to have goals, but the most important goal needs to be sobriety or no one will be able to remain sober and fulfill their goals. 

I know that when I was in rehab, at first all I cared about was getting back to school as soon as possible. When I spent a month or two in rehab and treatment, I began to realize that I needed to take some time to really get my life back together. I had so many different aspects in my life that I needed to work on and I also needed to stay sober.

I can’t really compare going back to college with being a famous musician, but I know that I didn’t feel like I could go back to school right after I got out of rehab. I cannot imagine how it would be possible for anyone to get out of rehab, especially when they were only there for a week, go back to performing concerts internationally, and stay sober.

The bottom line is that sobriety has to come first. I have always been told that the things you put before sobriety are going to be the first things you lose. I believe that for Amy Winehouse rehab has to be a part of her recovery or she is going to lose everything. 

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