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Being able to find a Finding a California Drug Rehab Center is very important. In California, marijuana is the most widely abuse drug in the state. Some of it is smuggled in, but a lot of it is grown right in California. Many people feel believe that you cannot be addicted to marijuana, and that there would be no reason to go to a treatment facility for marijuana use. California is one of the states that has a medical marijuana program, so I'm sure this accounts for a lot of the Marijuana supplied in the state. That being said, it is fairly easy to obtain medicinal marijuana (legally), and many people do so who don't necessarily need it for medicinal reasons. 

The availability of marijuana and other drugs in California puts people at risk for developing a substance use disorder, and it is important that people know that there are places they can go for help. Marijuana can be addictive and very dangerous. It can cause people to do things that they otherwise wouldn't do, and it can ruin people's lives just like any other drug can. If you have a drug or alcohol problem or you know someone who does, finding a California drug rehab center is possible.  Below, we have provided you with a list of many treatment facilities in California. 

Azure Acres (Sebastopol) – Residential – 877-762-3735

Bay Recovery Centers (San Diego) - Outpatient and Residential - 800-375-7263

Beacon House (Monterey Bay) - Residential - 866-333-5146

Betty Ford Center (Rancho Mirage) - Residential - 800-434-7365

Cabrito House (Canoga Park) - Residential for Men Only - 818-704-5175

California Recovery (Costa Mesa) - Detox and Residential - 888-941-9048

Calvary Ranch (San Diego) - Residential, Christian-based - 800-404-2258

Camp Recovery Center (Scotts Valley) - Residential - 877-557-6237

Cliffside Malibu (Malibu) - Luxury Residential - 800-501-1988

Her Place (Laguna Hills) - Outpatient for Women Only - 949-707-5111

Hills Center (Los Angeles) - Luxury Residential - 800-724-8207

Hope Institute (Costa Mesa) - Outpatient for Adolescents - 714-432-0020

Lasting Recovery (San Diego) - Detox and Outpatient with Co-Ed, Women-Only, and Adolescent-Only programs - 858-453-4315

Stepping Stone of San Diego (San Diego County) - Residential and Outpatient services especially for the GLBT community - 619-278-0777

Walden House (San Francisco) - Residential and Outpatient - 415-554-1100 

If you have a California alcohol rehab center or drug rehab center to add to this list, please contact me.

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