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While reading a magazine a few weeks ago, I came across a Tim McGraw biography that talked about his drinking. I’ve listened to Tim McGraw for years and have always really enjoyed his music, but this was the first time I had read or heard anything about his decision to stop drinking. Apparently, he has been sober since 2008, a decision Tim made in large part because he wanted to be healthy and be around for his kids and his wife.

While there was never a whole lot of news surrounding his drinking, everyone’s breaking point is different. Some people might quit drinking because of a DUI or an arrest. Others might quit drinking because they are just sick of the way it makes them feel and they, like Tim, want to be healthy and make sure they can be as healthy and as present as possible for the important people in their lives. The Tim McGraw Biography I read was definitely interesting.

Tim McGraw Biogprahy - Why Did He Get Sober?

Tim McGraw credits his wife, Faith Hill, almost entirely for the fact that he is alive, sober, and happy. He didn’t quit drinking until more than a decade after he met her, but without her, he believes he would have continued to drink and ultimately would have drank himself to death. Tim McGraw didn’t go to any sort of alcohol rehab in order to quit drinking. Instead, he tried to replace drinking with a better habit: working out. For him, implementing something healthier and more productive into his life has worked. Some people find that they need to do more than replace their drinking with something else, but at the very least, it’s definitely a good place to start.

I know how hard it can be to quit drinking - I can’t even imagine doing it while being so publicly scrutinized and while working in the music industry. It’s hard enough to stay sober without dealing with all of this added pressure. Celebrities are definitely criticized more than anyone else, even in regards to their drinking, but at the same time it seems that it’s totally acceptable, and expected, for celebrities to drink too much. It's nice to hear a story about a celebrity who quits drinking before getting arrested, getting a DUI, or being forced into rehab. I was really happy to read the Tim McGraw biography and see how open and honest he was about his drinking and his journey into sobriety. The more people who are willing to talk about their struggles with alcohol and recovery, the easier it is for other people struggling to come forward and ask for the help they need. 

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