Addiction Drug Rehab Treatment
June 2011

At the time this page was written, my addiction drug rehab treatment had led to my being sober for about 10 months, which is the longest clean time I had ever had. But I am proud to say that now, I have stayed sober for over 3 years! Over time, I have gotten a lot of comments about how I seem really ‘different’ this time – after my relapse - so I thought I would write about some of those differences and how each of them applies to keeping me sober to this day.

(1) When I first got clean, I refused to admit myself to an inpatient addiction drug rehab treatment facility. I was scared and really just unwilling to do what I needed to do to stay clean.

I also didn’t fully believe that I needed to be there. I knew that when I drank and used drugs, things in my life kind of sucked. Sure, I said I was an alcoholic and an addict, but deep down, I don’t think I really believed that. I don’t think that I was really finished using drugs and drinking, and ultimately that played a huge part in my relapse.

There are several other things that I didn’t include in my initial addiction drug rehab treatment.

(2) In the 9 or 10 months that I was clean the first time around, I didn’t share my story at a single meeting.

(3) I didn’t chair any meetings.

(4) I didn’t do service whatsoever. I didn’t even make coffee for meetings.

(5) I didn’t have a sponsor that I was actually in touch with, and I certainly wasn’t working any of the steps.

(6) I refused to pray, or to even try to pray, to a higher power.

There are still aspects of AA that I struggle with today, but I try my hardest to do everything in my control to get the addiction drug rehab treatment help I need so I can stay clean and be happy.

- In the past couple of months, I have shared my story at numerous meetings.

- I have been chairing meetings, and I make an effort to give back in any way I can.

- I have a sponsor who I am working the steps with. I don’t call her as often as I should, that’s just a fact…but I have made a tremendous effort to utilize her as much as I can. I do call her and see her fairly regularly, and we have started working the steps.

- I share at meetings, stay the entire time, and actually try to get something out of every meeting. I try not to get up during the meeting or leave before the meeting is over unless absolutely necessary.

- I often forget to pray, but I try to pray as often as possible. If it’s not in the morning or at night, I often pray throughout the day when I am facing something that I feel I am struggling with. I am very open to the idea that there is a higher power, and I try to stay in constant contact with whatever my higher power may be. I don’t know exactly what it is, but I know it’s not me and I know that there is something out there that is greater than myself. That belief is definitely a part of my Addiction Drug Rehab Treatment Plan.

These things might sound trivial, but if I am not doing all of these things, or at least trying to do all of these things, then the bottom line is that I have a pretty weak alcoholism drug treatment program and I am not on solid spiritual ground.

The biggest difference in my life today is that I am willing to do whatever elements of addiction drug rehab treatment it takes to stay clean.

- I was willing to stay in rehab, and to go to a halfway house.

- I was willing to do intensive outpatient therapy for as long as my insurance covered.

I really, truly believe wholeheartedly that I am an addict and an alcoholic, and I cannot pick up a drink or a drug ever again in my life. If I want to be clean AND happy, then I need to implement all of these aspects of the alcoholism drug treatment program into my everyday life.

It’s not even just about happiness anymore – it’s about not killing myself with drugs and alcohol. When I relapsed the last time, I was very close to doing just that. It’s life or death for me and for most addicts and alcoholics, and it’s important that I remember that every single day.

That’s not to say that I don’t struggle or I don’t have cravings anymore – I absolutely do. For a while, I hadn’t had any cravings and life was pretty great. My life is still great, and I truly have so much to be grateful for, but that doesn't mean that I don't still have cravings.

The difference this time is that picking up a drink or a drug is just not an option. Sure, sometimes I think about it. Sometimes I wish I could get high. But under no circumstances will it ever be an option. The second I allow it to be an option, I am setting myself up for failure, and there’s no guarantee that I will get another chance.

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