Alcohol Drug Treatment Centers
By Shelby

My first experience with alcohol drug treatment centers has been a very positive one. Only 5 short weeks ago, I thought my daughter was dying. Today, my first day with her in 5 weeks, she looks very alive.

Treatment for Drug Addiction

I know her struggle is not over nor my worries, but I am so grateful that drug and alcohol treatment centers were there to help when we were so in need of help.

I never dreamed one of my children would ever need treatment for drug addiction. It's not something any parent expects.

If you've read other parts of our website, you may know the battle my daughter fought until she was finally able to achieve 10 months of sobriety. However, after painkillers were prescribed for wisdom teeth pain, the last few weeks of her sobriety were unbearably challenging and culminated in a life-threatening relapse just 2 days after she reached the 10-month mark. It seemed to come out of nowhere, but I know that's probably not how it works. This made both of us realize, though, that it's SO important to think about the issue of pain killers. At some point in sobriety, you may need to make a decision about whether you will take painkillers or not. My experience with my daughter leads me to the conclusion that it's never a good idea. It reactivates the feelings in your brain, and I'm sure it can be hard to get back to full sobriety after that.

The Importance of Alcohol Drug Treatment Centers

Her relapse was severe and it was clear that she needed inpatient treatment for drug addiction this time. There are thousands of treatment facilities around the country and we needed one quickly. I cannot praise enough the compassion and professionalism exhibited by her drug and alcohol treatment center. This was the most difficult time of my life and probably hers, but it was clear she was in the right hands.

Through detox and the following weeks, the treatment center guided her back to the path of recovery. I really don't know what individuals with a substance abuse problem did before there were substance abuse rehabs.

If you or a loved one is battling drug addiction or alcoholism, don't keep suffering - don't wait until it's too late. Locate one of the many rehab centers near you and get help. 

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