Alcohol Overdose: 
The Alcohol Poisoning Death of Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse died in July of 2011, with alcohol overdose being determined as the official cause of her tragic death.

Amy Winehouse literally drank herself to death. It is said that Amy Winehouse’s blood alcohol level was at least 5 times the legal driving limit. 

As happens with any alcohol related deaths, when people drink too much alcohol, it inhibits the respiratory center and they literally cannot breathe anymore. The result of alcohol poisoning in extreme cases can be an alcohol overdose that results in death.

I think most people saw this result coming. I personally, wasn’t sure if the cause of Amy Winehouse’s death would be reported as an alcohol overdose or a drug overdose, or a combination of both. That being said, though, it doesn’t really matter whether her death was caused an alcohol overdose as opposed to drugs.

The bottom line to me still remains the same as it did initially: Amy Winehouse needed alcoholic help. For whatever reason, she either wasn’t provided with the addiction, alcoholism, drug treatment supports she needed, or she wasn’t willing to accept the help she needed for her alcohol and drug addiction.

I obviously didn’t know Amy Winehouse personally, but her death, and all other alcohol related deaths, makes me very sad. Not only am I sad for Amy Winehouse and her family and friends, but I am sad for everyone out there who is suffering from some sort of alcohol and drug addiction will never know that there is a better way to live. Whenever someone dies due to drugs or alcohol, it is a totally unnecessary and avoidable death.

Early intervention and getting treatment for alcohol poisoning could have saved many lives, but sobriety can save even more. I am not saying it’s easy to get clean and sober, nor am I saying to say that it’s easy to stay clean and sober. I just wish everyone who needed help was able to get the help they need and able to find a different way to live.

When Amy’s family found out that she had died from alcohol poisoning, they released a statement about their daughter and her drinking. It seemed as though they were sort of denying the fact that Amy was drinking or that Amy had a severe drinking and drug problem.

I certainly don’t want to say anything negative about Amy Winehouse’s family because everyone deals with tragedy differently. I know how difficult it is to watch someone you care about fall deeper into a downward spiral, but I also know that it’s important to be realistic about what happened. While Amy Winehouse’s family does acknowledge that Amy died from an alcohol overdose, they also seem to be relentless about the fact that Amy was at one point abstinent and was doing everything she could to overcome her problems with alcohol and possibly drugs.

The fact is that Amy Winehouse did not know how to stop drinking alcohol. She died because she was binge drinking and drank too much. Perhaps she was able to abstain from alcohol for short periods of time, but she clearly did not get the help she needed. She was not able to stop drinking, and this ultimately killed her.

Unless we are all able to take away something positive from this horrible tragedy of another alcohol poisoning death, then Amy Winehouse will have died in vain. If we cannot be realistic about what happened to Amy Winehouse, then we won’t be able to learn from it and we will be unable to help other people who are in similar situations

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