Alcohol Related Deaths: The Sad Truth

How many alcohol related deaths occur every year? More to the point, how many of these alcohol related accidents are reported? How many aren't? The numbers are equally sad and surprising. 

How Many Deaths?

In Britain alone, 9,031 deaths related to alcohol have been reported. In the U.S, that figure is multiplied more than four times with the death toll at a shocking 37, 261! But here's even more shocking news: these figures were from 2008. Can you imagine how much higher alcohol related deaths most likely are this year?

It's sad but true: alcoholism kills. If you don't die from diseases, you die from accidents that are also alcohol-related. Unfortunately, this is not among the many facts about alcohol that ads pitch at you. If you have a problem with alcoholism, get help.

Look up the alcohol addiction rehab treatment near you. These centers have excellent alcohol treatment programs that will help you moderate and then completely get rid of your dangerous habit. We know that you don't want to become one of those alcohol related deaths.

If you're telling yourself, it just won't happen to you, think again. We personally know of all too many friends and acquaintances that are no longer with us because of alcohol.

How Much Are You Drinking?

To find out if you are drinking too much, assess your drinking. Here is a short but helpful checklist.

1. What is the frequency of your drinking? 

2. On a typical day, how many units of alcohol do you drink?

3. How frequently do you drink six or more units in one sitting?

4. How often have you found it impossible to stop drinking once you started? 

5. How often did you fail to do what's expected of you because you've had too much to drink?

6. How often have you made yourself a drink in the morning just to keep you going through the day?

7. How often have you felt guilty or sorry after you drink?

8. How many times have you been unable to recall what took place the night before because you were too drunk to remember anything?

9. Have you injured yourself or somebody else because of your drinking?

10. Has a family member, friend, or doctor worried over your drinking or asked you to cut down?

If, on the frequency scale, your answer is most often "Often", you may be in need of help.

Can You Cut Down Your Intake?

The good news is that not all hope is lost. You can do something about your problem. For one, you can reduce your alcohol consumption. Here are some tips that will come in handy.

1. Set a Limit - Before you drink, set a limit on how much you will allow yourself to drink.

2. Seek Support - If you're working on drinking less, let your family and friends know. That way, they will help you stick to your plan.

3. Downsize - If swearing off drinking is tough for you, then go ahead and enjoy your drink but go for a smaller glass or bottle. 

4. Grab a Lower-Strength Drink - Finding it impossible to say no to alcohol? Cut down your intake by going for beer or wine with lower strength. You will find this indicated on the label as an ABV percentage.

5. Take It One Day at a Time - If you're the type who drinks daily, try to reduce your intake a little every day.

Finally, keep an open mind about alcohol treatment programs. Rehab centers are not the terrible places many people make them out to be. As a matter of fact, many of these centers are places that save lives. Given the high number of alcohol related deaths in the country, one of these lives could be yours. 

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