by Sharon
(Thomasville, GA, US)

I am able to turn on and shut off my using, for instance if I know my son will be home in a couple of months then I stay sober for that couple of months then it's off to the races after that. Why can I do this?

It seems weird. There are a lot of different instances I just put one example for you to understand what I'm talking about.

Hi Sharon,

A lot of people will talk about being able to do just what you're talking about. In order to continue drinking, most of us would do whatever it took to hide the fact that we had a problem - even if that means not drinking for a period of time.

I know that for me, if I knew I had to stop drinking for a certain period of time, I was okay with that as long as I knew that I would be able to drink again soon. Maybe it is similar for you? I'm sure it is different for everyone, really.

I would do whatever possible to make sure I could continue drinking how I wanted to for as long as possible.

I hope that helps answer your question!


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