asking for a prayer

by Gina
(Phoenix, Az)

I went to a meeting yesterday and when it was a man's turn to share, he asked for a prayer for his sick father. We all felt bad for him, except one guy said it was inappropriate to ask for a prayer for a loved one at an AA meeting.

After the meeting the two men got into an argument. It has been bothering me. Is it ok to ask for prayers for a loved one at an AA meeting ?
I have been looking for the subject in the Big Book, but cannot find it.

Thank you and if anyone knows what page in the BigBook
says it's ok, please tell me !

Hi Gina,
Thanks for your question. My guess is that this topic is not explicitly covered in the big book, as most of the 'rules' of AA are not. Don't quote me on that because I'm not 100% sure, but I have never read anything about that.

In my opinion, it's appropriate to say just about anything while you are sharing at a meeting. I believe the point of a meeting is to go somewhere to find support - it's a safe place where you can go for support, for hope, to vent, or yes, I believe to ask for a prayer.

I imagine (obviously, as shown in your story) that some people have different opinions on this matter. My first reaction is that this man may have taken issue with the word prayer. What if this man had asked everyone to wish his father good luck? Or to send out good thoughts for his father? Would this be inappropriate? I would say absolutely not.

Quite honestly, I think the man who said this comment was inappropriate was behaving more inappropriately than the one asking for the prayer. Again, this is all just my opinion, as I've never seen anything exactly like this anywhere in the big book.

Hopefully that helps a little!

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