Bath Salts Drugs - the new and legal craze

What are Bath Salts Drugs?

Bath salts drugs are not exactly what they sound like…they are not literally the bath salts that you would use to soak in your bath tub. This name refers to a relatively new synthetic drug, mephedrone or MDPV, which is an amphetamine. It has effects similar to methamphetamine and cocaine, as well as a hallucinogen effect.

Bath salts are extremely dangerous and highly addictive. People may snort them, smoke them, and even inject them. Sadly, purchasing this drug is as easy as walking into a gas station or a convenience store, as they are still legal in many states. 

Bath Salts Drugs Cause:


-Mild sexual stimulation


-Increased heart rate

-Increased blood pressure

-Decreased appetite



There is said to be a very intense high in the beginning, lasting for a couple hours. There is also said to be an even more intense low when users are coming off of this substance.

There have been a lot of reports of extreme paranoia and suicidal actions and thoughts. Many people have harmed themselves very badly or even killed themselves while on this substance, or when coming down from bath salts drugs.

Just like any drug, this substance is very dangerous. The exact effects of this drug are different for everyone, as any drug is, and bath salts are even more dangerous because of how new they are. Adding any kind of drug or alcohol with bath salts will make them even more dangerous and the results could be fatal.

It seems as though new drugs keep popping up all over the place. When one thing is banned, another one is created. One of the more recent examples of this is k2.


K2 has been sold since 2006 as incense or potpourri. Research has shown that quite often the herbal ingredients listed on the K-2 incense package are not really what is in the package. Even if it is a mixture of herbal products, a K2 mix is sprayed with a psychotropic drug and most likely contaminated with a toxic substance.

K2 is often called ‘fake weed.’ It mimics the effects of marijuana, and is still legal in a lot of places. There are close to 20 states however that have banned K2 because it’s been so dangerous.

Now that K2 is trying to be monitored, bath salts are the new craze. The bottom line is that people will do anything to get high. Whether it’s a ‘real’ drug or something new, people will try just about anything.

Drug Tests for Bath Salts Drugs and K2

One of the other problems with these new synthetic drugs is that they are not detected on standard drug tests. There are certain synthetic drugs that cannot be detected on any kind of drug test whatsoever. The synthetic drug K2 can now be found on certain drug tests, but not the ones found in home drug tests. The tests often have to be sent out to drug testing clinics to be tested for K2.

Unfortunately, bath salts drugs also go undetected on drug tests, since there are currently no drug tests, even in professional laboratories, available for testing for these drugs.

Many people think that because these drugs are ‘legal’ and so readily available, they are safe. Add to that the fact that there is no drug test that detects bath salts drugs, younger kids especially believe that it is safe to use them. However, bath salts are arguably more dangerous than many other street drugs available. but are certainly at least as dangerous as these other drugs.

Just because something is legal does not necessarily mean that it is safe. It could be argued that the only reason bath salts are legal is simply because they are so new, so readily available, that there is not enough data about the negative effects of these drugs and the government hasn’t had enough time to begin the ban on them.

Parents, teachers, counselors, and other people in positions of authority need to educate themselves about drug abuse in general, but especially about these newer drugs. By educating themselves, authority figures can better understand what to look for and provide more education and awareness to kids as well.

The truth is people are going to experiment. There is really no way to stop people from using and abusing drugs, but we can be aware of the situation and try to help as best as we can. 

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