cocaine addict has to be an alcoholic?

by anna

This question confuses me: people say they never meet an addict that is not an alcoholic too. I'm an addict but don't really like alcohol,and never mixed together. Am I going to become an alcoholic?

Many people believe that an addict is an addict - alcohol is considered a drug, so it's not safe to consume if you are trying to stay clean. I know people who were addicted to a certain drug, stopped the drug, and drink alcohol successfully. In my personal experience though, this is rare.

More often than not, someone will try to drink alcohol safely and will end up replacing their drug addiction with alcohol - a drug is a drug, it doesn't really matter what the substance is. Or once they start to get drunk, they may end up going back to their drug of choice.

Will you become an alcoholic? I have absolutely no way to say if this would be the case or not. I personally wouldn't risk it. Addiction is more about how we feel inside and WHY we are using a substance in the first place. It isn't really about the particular substance.

I almost never smoked pot and I don't like it, but I would never smoke it now. I can become obsessed with anything, even things I don't really like. I know myself well enough to realize that I can't do most things in moderation, so I need to watch what I do. The things that I am able to do in moderation, I have to make a conscious effort to do so.

All I can share with you is my experience and my opinion. No one can say that you will become an alcoholic if you start drinking. All I can say is that I haven't seen that work out very often, and I wouldn't do it myself.

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