Cocaine Overdose Update
January 27, 2011

This page is part of my cocaine overdose update. It has been almost 6 months since I relapsed and survived cocaine overdose and entered a treatment for drug addiction rehab. I finally feel like I’m getting back to a ‘normal life.

I was in a drug and alcohol rehab center for one month, a transition house (sober house) for one month, and then I came home.

While I was in the transition house and for almost 3 months after I got home, I was attending an IOP (intensive outpatient) program for alcohol drug abuse, which met 3 times a week for about 3 hours. On top of that, I was also attending another drug alcohol rehabilitation group that met two evenings per week. I also was attending AA meetings.

About a month or so ago, I completed my IOP treatment for drug addiction. Soon after, I was also finished with my other drug alcohol rehab group. It’s been a little weird not having drug addiction treatment program groups to attend, but it feels good to get back to a normal life.

I started school again, after being on a medical leave for the fall semester. School can be stressful, but it feels good to be back on track to actually accomplishing something.

It’s definitely a good feeling to go to drug alcohol rehab program groups and meetings, but getting back on track for goals I have in my life, such as finishing school and having a career, is really great.

I don’t mean to say that getting sober and doing what it takes to stay sober isn’t an accomplishment. It absolutely is. I just need some balance in my life. Aside from just doing things to keep me sober, I need to have other things in my life as well.

Life definitely isn’t perfect. Some days it’s really easy to stay clean and to be happy. Other days, it’s not as easy. But no matter what kind of day it is – good, bad, great, miserable – being clean and sober is truly a miracle. I am happier now, even on a bad day, than I ever was when I was using drugs or drinking.

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