Connecticut Drug Rehab

Do you need to learn how to find a Connecticut drug rehab? In Connecticut, Cocaine and crack cocaine are very widely abused and readily available. Cocaine and crack cocaine are incredibly addictive, and can be extremely dangerous to the user. In 2005, there were 405 drug arrests in the state of Connecticut. Many people who are arrested and put in jail for drug related crimes really need treatment instead of jail.

It's important to know what options are available, and to know that help is out there. I know from personal experience that going to rehab isn't exactly fun, but I have to imagine that getting help and going to rehab is better than getting arrested and going to jail. You will be able to find treatment facilities all over the country, and Connecticut is no different. 

High Watch Recovery Center
•62 Carter Road, P.O.Box 607 
Kent, CT 06757 •
 Telephone: (860) 927-3772

Mountainside Drug Recovery
Canaan, Connecticut

Renaissance Headquarters
350 Fairfield Ave. Suite 701
Bridgeport, CT 06604
(203) 336-5225

Recovery Program at Greenwich Hospital
5 Perryridge Road 
Greenwich, CT 6830

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