Corex Cough Syrup Addiction

by Vivek
(Delhi, India)

My friend is addicted to Corex cough syrup. He has been drinking 4-5 bottles every day for the last 15 years. He also smokes around 8-10 cigarettes a day.

He has a broken marriage. He doesn’t have friends. He has many symptoms of addiction, including trembling hands, shaking his legs while he is sleeping, preferring to sit alone than be with others, and he always makes fake promises to leave his addiction.

He has been admitted to addiction rehab centers a couple of times. He likes to eat deep fried food and is fond of eating sweets. He sleeps and eats at odd hours. Recently he has been trying to stay away from home, applying for jobs in different cities.

In his worry there is no peace or happiness. His parent is getting older, he is worse, and we really hope you can help us. I am requesting and hoping you can help us.

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Feb 09, 2012
Hi Vivek
by: Rae

Hi Vivek,
Thank you for writing in.

I wish I had a quick fix to this problem. Unfortunately, unless someone wants to get help and is willing to do the work, sometimes there isn't much anyone else can do.

Have you tried talking to your friend and explaining how worried you are? Is he opposed to going into a rehab facility again? Just because a rehab didn't work before doesn't mean it can't work now. Many people go to multiple rehab facilities before they are able to maintain long term sobriety.

Does he have family or friends that you can talk to? Maybe he would listen if the people he cared about got together and told him how worried they are.

As I said, there isn't much anyone can do to help someone who doesn't want help. My biggest piece of advice for you would be to take care of yourself. If you stay strong and stay healthy, you can be there to help him if he is ever ready to commit to getting clean. I think al anon or nar anon meetings are a great tool for friends and family of people with addictions.

This is a great way to meet people who can really understand what you're going through. This won't cure him or make him get help, but it's important that you find a way to make peace with the situation.

I wish I had a better answer and could give you more hope. Sometimes it just takes people longer to be ready to get the help they need. Try to focus on yourself if none of the above advice can convince your friend to get help. Stay strong and stay positive!

Take care and good luck with everything! Please feel free to write back in if you want!

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