by Brittany Springsdorf
(Jack, Al)

In 2006, I followed a young lady everywhere around a small town high school in the south. I saw this girl who constantly changed her hair color, played sports, made straight A’s, member of every club, and was looked up to by many. She had the best family and friends a girl could ask for. She pretended to be strong and have a strong exterior, but really was weak. I thought to myself “She’s perfect!” She will be next victim. I have to do what I do best and start destroying her. So the summer of 06’, I introduced her to my friend, a young man who I had destroyed years earlier, and got him to expose me to her on several different occasions. I got him to expose me before school, before work, after work, and any other time possible. I had him tell her that it I would make everything in life better. She refused me for a long time. Almost to the point that I wanted to give up. Then finally she agreed to try me. This young lady that was constantly dragging around suddenly became perky, happy, and energetic. That’s when I started a long journey of destroying this innocent young lady’s life. She starting visiting me more and more and on a more regular occasion. Then it was August 2006, the start of what should be the most exciting year of her life. It was her senior year. But instead of enjoying every minute of it, she barely even attended school.  She slowly drifted away from her family, schoolwork, and old friends. She was putting everything on the back burner besides my friend and I. She was very smart though and somehow still managed to keep her grades up. School was the only thing keeping me from being able to  take over her life. So on May 25, 2007, when this man said “Congratulations!”.  I was also telling myself congrats. Because I knew I would finish taking over her life now. There was nothing else standing in my way. A year or so passes and she no longer speaks to her family, ex friends, or anyone else that was not associated with me. She continues to visit more and more. The following year I was in complete control of her life. She starts stealing from family, struggling to hold down a job, and lying to anyone and everyone to find me. She now will do anything to find the happiness she first felt back in 2006. I had taken a beautiful smart young lady and turned her into an old woman fast. I made her smoke constantly. It was to the point where all she done was cough and cough. She got sick more frequently because I was taking over her. Her health was slowly declining. She no longer fixed her hair, put make-up on, or didn’t even care what clothes she wore. She would spend all her money on me including everyone else’s money. It was turning cold and the winter of 2009 was creeping up on us. I knew if I didn’t succeed in death, I would by ruining her life because she would spend the rest of it in jail. I was screaming with excitement. I was getting so close to reaching my goal. Then towards the end of November this woman who knew exactly what I was up to come to try to destroy me. Her mom knew exactly what I was up to. Her mom had tried several times before to get her to realize what I was doing to her, but never got the young lady to listen. I was in complete control or so I thought. I was kind of worried this time though; she wasn’t giving up on getting her daughter back. Her mom would call her, and I told her not to answer. She would try to find where she was at, and I told her to hide. I couldn’t lose my victim now. I was doing well for a while then one cold night on Dec. 13, 2009 we got into her car and went to this dark empty parking lot. Then I saw her mom pull up. They argued, fought, but my victim then exposed me to her mom. She explained to her mom exactly what I had done to her life and that I was to blame for everything. Her mom attacked me full force. She took me and everyone associated with me away from her and sent her to her father’s house to get over me. Even though I was not there at her dad’s with her physically, I was mentally. I was still telling her she needed me and she could not live without me. She fought and fought hard. I sat there several nights watching

her fill the bath tub up over and over again with warm water to ease the pain. I watched her cry, sweat, and scream in pain. She was miserable and I loved it. Christmas comes and goes and she is still without me. I am still torturing her, because she is still very weak. I cause her to lose weight and not eat. A new year comes upon us and she is still fighting hard to start life without me. Months pass and I watch slowly seeing the young lady I first saw reappear, but no longer just strong on the outside but also on the inside. Her hair is now always perfectly resting on her head. Her eyes are always shimmering from the eye shadow she now wears.  She no longer smokes, so her smile lights up a room. I try reappearing by getting my friend to get in touch with her; she slightly slips but recovers without completely falling. She later finds this very attractive, nice, young man. He has accepts her for the life she used to have with me. They soon find out that they will be becoming parents. They go to the doctor on June 13 for the first ultrasound. Brittany lies on the table preparing herself for what is about to happen. Her heart beats fast, she’s breathing heavily. Then the lady says, “There is the baby!” and follows with, “Listen!” We hear what sounds to me like drums because I am wracking my brain trying to figure out how to get back on my job. I look at her and see the happy, scared, and anxious tears run down her cheek. I knew I had failed at that point. There was no way I would ever be able to control her again. She fixes all the broken relationships with family members and old friends. In Oct, the young lady finds out that she will be having a little girl. She decides her name will be Ansiliegh Hope. Hope was for the constant “Hope” that she had to get away from the old life with me and to excel in her future. The months pass by and I still have not had any luck. I try attacking the baby’s kidneys. I fail. Her family kept her going constantly telling her that everything will be okay. On Jan. 21, 2011, she waddled in the Southeast Alabama Medical center and gets checked in. They break her water, she gets the epidural, and the contractions begin. All of her family and friends are there. Around noon I decided to try to do it one more time. I slowly make that sweet baby’s heart rate drop. The nurses come in and get it back to normal. I do it several times as I watch her nearly drown in her own worry and tears. Family members pray and try to hold on to everything they have. I try one last time to take away that precious soul that God gave my victim. I slowly cause the heartbeat to get lower and lower. Doctors and nurses rush in to try to fix everything. They decide to do an emergency c-section. They had to get that baby out of my reach. Out of the body I had controlled and destroyed for several years. At 5:56 that evening, Ansiliegh Hope came into the world. The little girl was healthy and perfect. I watched as that precious baby starred with those big blue eyes across the operating room at my victim, the one she will now call Mommy. I felt like I vanished into thin air. From that day forward I no longer existed in her body. I sometimes try to make her go crazy thinking about me, but I have no luck. She’s now stronger than she ever was. I still float around her everyday thinking one day she will allow me back in her life. As for now I watch her never to fall backwards but only jump forward in her far more gracious life. She has her family, friends, husband, and daughter right by her side. They keep her from revisiting me and to keep me from finishing ruining her life. Brittany strives to be the best mom to Ansiliegh. She uses everything she has ever learned from her mom and dad to be the best parent that she can be. The main thing being that you never give up on someone you love regardless of the situation, you get you continue trying. You always have to be the best you can be and do not settle for anything less than perfection. So for now I move on to my next victim of destruction. Farewell my victim and family, you have beaten me. You are stronger and proved to be more powerful than me.


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