do custody battle hair and urine drug tests detect bath salts

I might be court orderd to take a hair and urine drug test for a custody divorce. I need to know if bath salts are something they look for in a lab test of hair and urine.

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I can't say for certain if the test you will be administered will test for bath salts or not. Standard at-home drug tests are not able to detect bath salts in a person's system, but if you are having a urine test, they will most likely be sending the results to a lab. Labs generally don't just do a standard drug screen - they can see how much of certain ingredients from drugs are in your body, assuming they have been taken recently enough. If they are also testing your hair, they will be able to determine what substances you have been using even if it isn't recent.

Many labs are now able to test for the main ingredients for bath salts. The ingredients of bath salts tend to change very often, but there are 2 main ingredients that seem to be staying the same. A lab can test for these, but I can't say if you will be tested for them or not.

As I'm sure you know, bath salts can be very dangerous, even fatal. They can have very extreme side effects and can cause people to hallucinate. It often causes people to be paranoid as well, and many people end up harming themselves or someone else while they are under the influence.

I can't say whether or not you will be tested for bath salts or not, but your best bet is to stop using them until you are tested. If you have been using them regularly and you get tested soon, it is very possible that it will show up in your hair if they test it for bath salts specifically. I would advise you to rethink using them at all as they are incredibly dangerous, but that's your decision and yours alone.

Best of luck to you.


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