Drunk Driving Fact Sheet

Drunk Driving Fact Sheet: Important Information

Our Drunk Driving Fact Sheet is presented in the hopes of reaching even one person who may change their mind about driving while drunk. The effects of drunk driving are severe and widespread. 

Drunk driving consequences extend to many other people, not just the person who decides to drive after they have had a few drinks. If you decide to drive drunk, you can injure or kill yourself in a drunk driving car accident, or harm or kill anyone else on the road. This will affect you, anyone else involved in the accident, and the families and friends of everyone involved.

The danger of drunk driving is so obvious, yet so many people continue to drink and drive on a regular basis. Listed below are some of the outrageous facts surrounding drinking and driving that we would like to include on our drunk driving fact sheet, according to MADD (mothers against drunk driving).

- This year, almost 11,000 people will die in a crash due to driving under the influence.

- On average, a person will drive drunk almost 90 times before they are first arrested.

- The cost of drunk driving in this country is almost $500 per year for each adult.

- 33% will be involved in an accident due to driving under the influence in their life.

- Every 60 seconds, one person is injured from a crash involving alcohol.

- More than half of drunk drivers who were convicted continue to drive even after their license has been suspended.

Drunk driving law enforcement is resulting in more arrests and stiffer penalties in many cases. Even if you don’t kill yourself or someone else, you can end up with jail time and a criminal record that can affect your future. Also, drunk driving attorneys are expensive.

To me, it seems simple.Don’t drink and drive.Try to remember what you have read on our drunk driving fact sheet. Drunk driving penalties are enormous, both financially and emotionally. Just look at the above facts about drunk driving and explain to me how anyone could think it’s a good idea to get in the car and drive after having a few drinks, even one drink.

I suppose the problem is the thinking, or the lack thereof, after someone has been consuming alcohol. Most people don’t decide that they are going to get drunk and then get in the car and drive home. Most people know just how horrible and dangerous drunk driving can be, but after a few drinks, our logic and precaution seems to disappear.

For some people, the problem is the drinking. They drink too much and end up doing dangerous things, like driving. For others, though, not drinking may not be the solution that they're looking for.

The most important thing to consider before you start drinking is that there needs to be a plan in place if you know that you are going to drink. Take the train so you don’t have the option to drive home. Take a cab or an Uber, make sure you know for certain that someone can pick you up at the end of the night if you are going to drink.

If you have no way to get home at the end of the night other than driving yourself, don’t drink!! It’s just not worth it.

A lot of people, especially young people, think nothing bad can ever happen to them. This is a myth. When you drink and drive on a consistent basis, it’s a matter of when something bad will happen, not if it will happen.

Many of the consequences of drunk driving are irreversible, and it’s just not worth the risk. Next time you are going out and you know you are going to drink, think about this drunk driving fact sheet and about all of the horrible consequences of drunk driving. It can happen to you, and if you continue to drink and drive, it will happen to you. 

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