Legal Resources for Addicts Dealing with Drunk Driving Consequences: DWI Defense Attorney

Many alcoholics and drug addicts may need to enlist the help of a DWI defense attorney at some point during the course of their addictions. So, although our site is about sobriety and remaining clean and sober, we felt that it was important to be realistic as well. We wanted to include important and helpful information regarding DUIs and DWIs, drunk driving law facts, and information about drunk driving penalties because we know that sometimes people get in trouble and need help.

This information is not meant to imply that being charged with a DUI or DWI isn't something to be taken seriously, nor is it meant to imply that we condone drinking and driving. Our Drunk Driving Fact Sheet page provides many facts about drunk driving, drunk driving consequences, and the disturbing drunk driving statistics, and truly represents our position on the severe effects of drunk driving.

However, I want this website to reach as many people as possible, including people who are already clean and sober, and people who arestill trying to get clean and sober. Unfortunately, DUIs and other legal problems are a very common and severe problem for alcoholics and addicts who have not yet been able to maintain abstinence, so finding help from a DWI defense attorney may be necessary.

A lot of people think that nothing bad can ever happen to them, a DUI could never happen to them, and they will never suffer consequences of drunk driving. But the truth is, most people who are charged with a DUIhave been drinking and driving long before they have gotten caught. We want everyone to know that it is something to be taken seriously, but it is also something that may require help in the form of a DWI defense attorney.

For some people, being charged with a DUI is enough to wake them up and help them get clean and sober. People make mistakes, and we want to provide you with information to help you correct these mistakes. This is not to say that each individual should not be held accountable for their own actions, it is just a reality that issues like this do occur when someone is in active addiction.

We hope this information will be used appropriately and that everyone will learn from their mistakes. We believe it is counterproductive to provide information without offering a way to help, and providing resources for legal help for addiction should be as important as providing information and support for the emotional and psychological aspects of addiction.

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