Experiencing The Greatness of God in the Spiritual Realm

by Alexandris Townsend
(Columbia SC)

This is the name of book written to help other families dealing with the devastating effects of alcoholism. In my book I offer a powerful and inspiring story of my youngest son's alcohol addiction that had him bound for more than a decade.

I also share about my co-dependency as I believed God to bring deliverance and healing in my son's life. The pain of watching my son being afflicted by this disease was profoundly difficult as his mother. My heart ached to see his life change. In 2012 he began his recovery. Entered a Residential Alcohol Treatment Program in Charlotte, North Carolina. Where is now made Charlotte his home.

My son's recovery has been remarkable. As I reflect the journey; the days my son was so afflicted and observing him now in 2014 it is AMAZING. Desiring to give back that which was so freely given to him; he is AA Sponsor now. Helping and encouraging other young men that they too can overcome and walk in the sanity of sobriety. In February 2015 my son will celebrate three years of sobriety. God saved his precious life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alcoholism is a family disease so I had to recognize the great need in my own life to begin personal recovery. In the rooms of AL-ANON indescribable healing began to happen in my life. Living for such a long time with the shame and isolation this disease brings but now feelings of PEACE and COMFORT became my new point of reference. Writing the book was equally therapeutic for me because it forced me to deal with the anger I had suppressed for a long time.

I hope my sharing a little about my family's journey with alcoholism will truly help those who are moved to read it. Copies of my book are available @

May families experiencing distress and a sense of hopelessness discover newfound strength and determination not to give up on the addict; but believe that God is able to CHANGE LIVES regardless of the conditions of this life may bring!!!!!!

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