Famous Alcoholics and Famous Addicts in Recovery

Famous Alcoholics and famous addicts are often in the news. Many people view celebrities as people who are entitled to drink their lives away, without facing any consequences.

This misconception is a very dangerous one, because many young people look up to celebrities as role models. They see famous people in the news drinking, using drugs, and ‘having fun.’ When this kind of crazy, hectic lifestyle is portrayed as an acceptable one, children are misled into believing that this kind of life style is healthy and attainable for them. 

Not only are people, mostly adolescents, let down because they are not able to live the celebrity lifestyle, but they are also unaware of the damage they are doing to their bodies and their lives through drinking, using drugs, and partying. I think it would be wise to make people more aware of the famous recovering alcoholics and the famous recovering addicts who are working to overcome their addiction – the celebrities in recovery who are living life one day at a time.

There is a very long list of famous alcoholics and famous addicts who have been sober for many years. A few of them are Anthony Hopkins, Chuck Negron from 3 Dog Night, Jane Valez Mitchell, Elton John, and Betty Ford. Some other celebrities who have been sober for not quite as long are Steven Tyler, Eminem, Mackenzie Phillips, and Robert Downey, Jr.

These people are very open about their alcohol dependence or drug addictions and the fact that they have needed help to overcome them. Anthony Hopkins has been sober since 1975 and is writing a memoir about his life, including his battle with alcoholism. He is open about attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, and does not shy away from sharing his dark moments with the world.

Chuck Negron has been sober for about 20 years. Jane Valez Mitchell now has 2 books published about addiction and alcoholism. Her first book is about her own life, where she is very open and honest about her disease. Her second book is about America as a nation and how we are all addicted to something. Her insight on addiction and some of the issues we have in our society is very interesting and complex.

Elton John has been sober since 1990, a transition which he says changed and completed his life. Elton John is also very open about his alcoholism and has also been proactive about helping other people in his life get clean and sober.

Betty Ford is one of the most famous celebrity alcoholics of all time. The Betty Ford Clinic, one of the most famous rehab centers in the country, was founded by Betty Ford and Leonard Firestone in 1982. The Betty Ford Center also strongly encourages that the family of the alcoholic/addict get help for themselves as well.

Betty Ford was married to President Gerald R. Ford. She began raising awareness about addiction when she announced her battle with her own addiction in the 1970’s. Not only has Betty Ford addiction made her one of the most influential First Lady’s, but she is, hands down, one of the most famous alcoholics and influential persons in the world of addiction.

All of the people on this list have openly spoken out about their own struggles with addiction. They have not romanticized their drug use, nor have they promoted the typical partying lifestyle of celebrities. They have all recognized that addiction is a serious disease and that people need help.

These celebrities are incredible role models, and more recognition should be given to these celebrities in recovery, rather than the celebrities who are out getting wasted, getting arrested, and throwing their lives away.

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