Addiction Stories: Fear Public Speaking

Can't stop the pounding in my chest
Sometimes it's destructive
Sometimes it makes you do your best
Through my stomach, into my legs, down to my toes
What can I do to stop it? God only knows

He doesn't give me anything I can't handle
There's no reason to be afraid
My life has been a mess; 
in comparison I shouldn't even need his aid

What is there to be afraid of?
All I'm doing is speaking, the fear is irrational 
Just get up there and talk, let it flow like it's natural

The anxiety is fear, that's what I'm always told
Fear of what? Fear so bad I may implode
It's really okay, it's really no big deal
Just breathe in
Breathe out
It'll be over before it's real

The more I try to convince myself there's nothing to be afraid of
The more nervous I get
Asking help from my power above 
Can't stop the pounding in my chest
Don't want to stop to rest

When i slow down, nothing else is on my mind
Playing till the end, and then it rewinds 
It will be over soon
There is nothing to fear
In just a few minutes, you will be in the clear

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