filling the empty space

by jared farrell
(knoxville, tn usa)

I started using drugs at age 15. I was a raver kid in the 90's and partied in clubs. I always had an emptiness inside of me that I believe I was trying to fill. I used drugs, women, crime, anything to try to feel connected. It was only when I hit rock bottom going to prison that I discovered what that emptiness was.

We were created to be in fellowship with God. When that relationship is absent we feel empty. We want to fill it all sorts of ways. Since I got saved, I have been sober 3 years. I still think about things but the Holy Spirit convicts me and the thought is gone.

If you really want to find the answer to sobriety, its in Jesus Christ.

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Jan 08, 2013
uncinditional love
by: Anonymous

Life is good today and to GOD all gratitude for helping me to become trusting and letting go. I once was a beggar .Now i give gratitude to my Higher Power .Whom i got to know a day at a time .Although my spiritual awakening was very profound It took along time to realise we are all children of his light which makes the light complete. It reminds me of the story of the little boy who wouldent stay quiet while his dad tried to read the paper .So he gave the boy the centre page (a map of the world )and said ill tear this up in 10 pieces ,Then you can put it back togther.So peace at last the dad proceded to read on and 5 minutes later the 5 year old said look dad a map of the world done already .The father was amazed and asked how could you doo that you dont know what the earth looks like .No i dont was the reply ,But there was a picture of a man on the other side and i know what a man looks like so when i had the man complete i got mom to put sticky tape on it we turned it over and there was the the world put togther.So you see when you get the man togther the world will come togther too. ex atheist ,pray blind and see .

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