I would like to start my story off with telling you that life is amazing without drugs and alcohol. If i can do this so can each and everyone of you that are struggling and feel that there is no hope. I started off a binge drinker and then i became a big time crack addict.If i thought i felt horrible after drinking, crack made me feel ten times worse. I spent all my money ,sold anything i owned, walked away from my children, my home and sold myself to run with the DEVIL.My life today is filled with happiness,peace and joy. I look at my life in a whole different way today. Life is to short to waste it away drinking and drugging. Just waking up alive is the most wonderful thing. It might have taking me eleven years to get this thing called recovery but i am doing it. This is the reason i say if i can do it so can you. This is a simple program . There are complicated people and i am one of them. I first stepped into recovery in 2004 and it is now 2015. Today i have a very loving,caring,supportive significant other who doesnot put up with my it. I have a job i love, a dog i just adore, my family, but most of all i have a relationship with my heavenly father. I hope what i have shared has helped someone. God Bless each and every one of you.

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