Help For Drug Addicts

There are many ways to find help for drug addicts, but it can depend on what ‘stage’ of addiction a person is in. If a person is still actively using, my best advice would be to get them into inpatient drug rehab if at all possible. 

My opinion is that rehabs are the best way to get clean. I look at it as a gift, or an opportunity least that’s what it was for me.

A rehab can offer a place for an addict to detox, get a few weeks of sobriety, and truly focus on themselves and their recovery. While in rehab, the distractions from the outside world, for the most part, are forgotten about. There is minimal contact with friends and family, and there is professional care around the clock.

I understand rehab is not an option for everyone, though there are free rehabs, such as the Salvation Army (see our page on Free Rehabs).

I push rehab and 12 step meetings because that is what works for me. That is what I believe in and it’s what I have experienced. I do realize that not everyone responds the same way to treatment and to 12 step meetings, but I would urge everyone to be open-minded and give drug treatment programs and meetings a chance.

If you are dealing with an addict who has stopped using or may be in the process of stopping, I would again urge them to try 12 step meetings, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, etc. 12 step meetings are a place where an addict can connect with other people and find help.

Another option is an outpatient drug treatment facility if the addict is not willing or able to go into an inpatient drug rehab facility. This can be useful in trying to help an addict maintain some clean time. Many outpatient facilities include an educational portion as well as a group processing portion, so the addict will get similar treatment as they would in an inpatient drug rehab facility.

Individual therapy can also provide tremendous help for drug addicts. Looking into any combination of these suggestions would be a great start in your efforts to find help for drug addicts.

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