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After watching the first 4 episodes of Corey Snyder's new docudrama, Hitting Rock Bottom, I know that I am anxiously awaiting the second half of Darryl's story. Without help from fans of the show, it is going to be difficult for us to see what happens with Darryl. Corey Snyder and the rest of his crew are currently trying to raise money so they can complete the rest of the episodes.

If they can raise enough money by June 15th, we will be able to see what happens with Darryl. Everyone who donates money will also receive something for their help, depending on the amount of money donated. If you want to help, you can donate here.

I'm not affiliiated with Hitting Rock Bottom in any way - I just truly think this show is powerful and important, and would love to see some more episodes. I have communicated with Corey Snyder and some other people involved in creating this show, and they are all wonderful people. It is so obvious how dedicated they are to getting this series completed. They want to show everyone that there is hope - recovery is possible. 

If you haven't seen the show yet, you can watch it here: www.hittingrockbottomshow.com

After seeing it, I think you will find it hard to not want to help them raise money for the second half of Darryl's story!

Hitting Rock Bottom

Director Corey Snyder’s new docudrama, Hitting Rock Bottom, premiers Friday April 12th, 2013. The web series chronicles real stories about addiction and recovery. It will consist of 4 episodes, one being released each Friday for 4 weeks. Having had a bit of a sneak preview of the new series, I can say confidently that you don’t want to miss it.


The show is powerful and I imagine there is something in it that everyone will be able to relate to. Whether you’ve struggled with addiction or you know someone who has or is, Hitting Rock Bottom shows what life can become when we’re caught in the throes of addiction. Corey Snyder also describes the show as a hopeful one, showing how it’s possible to climb up from the bottom, no matter how bad things get.

While I don’t think it’s absolutely necessary to learn about addiction from someone who has been through it themselves, the fact that Corey Snyder is a recovering drug and alcohol user ensures that this series will be true to the experiences of so many people who struggle with the disease of addiction. I haven’t met Corey personally, but from the few interactions I’ve had with him it’s very clear that he is putting everything he has into this new series. It is obviously something that he is incredibly passionate about, and he is dedicating so much of his time to make sure this series is a great one. I can tell you that it is great; after seeing the first part of the series, I am anxiously awaiting the second half of it.

Much of Corey’s inspiration for his new series comes from attending 12 step meetings and hearing people share their stories of hope. Knowing that someone else has been in a situation similar to one we are facing often provides us with enough hope to push forward and get the help we need and deserve. Hitting Rock Bottom provides this hope, and shows us the real facts about alcohol and drug addiction.


For more information and to watch the show, visit www.hittingrockbottomshow.com

For some more details about the series,

check out the press release 

Twitter: @HRBshow

Facebook: HittingRockBottomShow

Interview With Corey Snyder

How/why did you decide that you wanted to turn people’s stories into a TV show?

-I thought that hearing other people's stories was very healing for me. And the telling of ones story is the same. Also, I felt that there were many nuances to the ways that people become addicted and I wanted explore those and bring them to light. Also, I felt that many addiction tales that are told by many have this cheesy kind of feeling and didn't resonate with me or even seem realistic. So I couldn't relate or take away anything from it. There are many drug shows out there but few show you the consequences of it. Among the addiction shows out there, few or none actually show you the different characters in ones life to contribute to the behavior. To our surprise, drug dealers don't look like you would expect. And no one thinks of their mother or girlfriend as an opponent or an enabler to a situation. But sometimes it's those people closest to us who push us to these behaviors. 

What can people do to help spread the word and make sure we can see the second half of this series?

-We need all the support an indie production could ever need as. We fund everything ourselves and no one has gotten paid. So it's a passion project at the moment. If people want to help us spread the word then there will be a crowdfunding campaign launching right after the first 4 episodes air. To make this successful, we need everyone to talk about the project to anyone who may be interested. Many people, if not everyone, has been touched by an addiction in some way. We feel that addiction equals death. So if this word gets out there and we manage to pull someone into recovery, then we have saved someone. What's great is, we have the cure, the answer and it's not a complicated one-get into recovery now, quick! We have an alignment with two recovery centers seafield center and bridge back to life. Our hope is perhaps someone may see the show, see themselves in the characters but not realize they are on a path of destruction and seek for help. 

Have you ever thought about telling your own story through an episode?

My personal addiction story is not as interesting to be honest. It doesn't fit the format of the show either. However, my growing up story is a different matter entirely. I would love to make this into a film one day. 

What made you decide to get sober?

I got sober after having delt with a terrible breakup. I was hurting and sinking into depression and searching for a way out. Finally, the answer came from the most unlikely place-from the person who ripped my heart out. She got into recovery and encouraged me to as well. I did so but more because I wanted her back. But she would go there with her new man. And I had to see them together. What a disaster. But I stuck with it even though she did not. I'm happy that I did. 

Will people not in recovery be able to enjoy and relate to your new series?

I believe that people not touched by addiction will definitely enjoy this show. It has all the elements of a great drama. Tension, action, sadness, reflection, joy and happiness. 

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