Is Marijuana Addictive?

by Molly England

Although to me, marijuana is one of the more minor drugs, I still think that people can be addicted to it. Before I got sober, I would be smoking everyday, numerous times a day. I usually had access to weed, but the times that I didn't, I would be frantic to find more and would harass anyone in my phone to find it. I was dependent on it, and hated myself when I was not high. I used it to calm anxiety, but used it more to get out of my head. I always thought it was no big deal because all I did when I was high was eat and giggle. Weed was always my "go to" when life became too unmanageable to deal with sober.

Some background information... my senior year at boarding school, I was turned in for drinking on campus. I was then put on random drug tests, preventing me from smoking weed. I turned to alcohol because I always needed something in me to take me away from my harsh reality. I was soon drinking many times during the week to get the same effect that weed gave me. No matter what, weed will always be my true drug of choice, but I would take anything to stop feeling whatsoever.

44 days ago, I got in a fight with my mom. I had planned on attending an AA meeting with my best friend Rae, but suddenly I didn't care and wanted to be "bad". I lied and told her I was going to the meeting, and called one of my friends and we decided to pay a visit to my old drug dealer. I rationalized this by telling myself that I've known him forever and haven't seen him in so long and wanted to see him! I told myself and my friend that I would not smoke; I just wanted to have a little fun because I was so miserable. I assumed that because I had been around alcohol many times since I got sober and it never bothered me, that I would feel the same way about weed. This was clearly not the case. After sitting in a small room for awhile with a bong being passed around, I finally said "fuck it, I'll just have one hit. It will be fine." After just one hit from the bong, I went absolutely crazy. I felt like I couldn't breathe and I truly felt like I was going to die. I forgot that my disease is progressive. It didnt occur to me that weed would have a greater impact on me after not getting high for so long. I got so paranoid, not remembering where I was and when I had to be home, and I forced my friend to leave with me. The feelings I had while high are indescribable. The entire time I thought I was just sleeping in my bed and dreaming about getting high. My motor skills slowed way down. I knew I had to drive home, so I convinced myself and my friend that I
was fine to drive, knowing that I used to drive high all the time in the past. I was was in unfamiliar territory, so this alone kept me from focusing on driving. I guess I blacked out and when I came to, all I heard was my friend screaming my name to stop the car. I quickly slammed on what I thought was the brake, but was really the gas. We got into a 4-car accident because we were coming up to a stop light. The airbags flew open and I slammed into it- thank god for seat belts! I didn't feel a thing. My friend had to basically drag me out of the car, and I was still so high and still couldn't tell if I was in a dream or reality. I sat on the curb, flailing around trying to wake myself up from this awful "dream". My mom and brother were called and so were the cops. By the grace of god, I was not given a DUI and did not go to jail. Sometimes I think that maybe I should have gone to jail to really learn my lesson. Since I was so unresponsive to everything around me, my friend had to deal with the scary cops. She had to explain to them what happened and why I was stupid enough to get behind the wheel. My car was totaled, but luckily no one was hurt.

Even though it was just one night of getting high, my life crumbled within seconds. I lost my family's respect and trust for me. Weed never gave me any trouble before. I guess it was a blessing in disguise that the accident happened, because now I have absolutely no reservations about smoking again. Even though weed seems minor, it can be very destructive, even fatal. It can ruin people's lives instantly. I now have the ability to help others who are in the position I was for years. Weed is dangerous. It may seem harmless, and some people may never think that weed causes problems, but I'm lucky enough to be alive to share my experience of just how horrible weed can be. Although I will always love weed, getting high is NOT worth it to me anymore. I have started to love myself enough that I don't need any mind-altering substance to change the way I think and feel. I now love myself sober, and am clear-headed enough to see how insane my thinking was about how weed made me a better, happier person. Sure, it may take away the pain for a little, but eventually, I'm back to the person I was before I took that first hit. I need to deal with life sober. Looking back, my life wasn't as difficult or miserable as I thought it was, and weed caused a whole mess of bigger problems.

So yes, I think weed is addictive, and I know that I can't smoke just for today. I love myself, my family, and my life too much now to lose all that just to get high.

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Apr 02, 2012
Recovery Church Pastor/Counselor (Tampla, FL)
by: Dan Crosby

As a certified addiction counselor a number of clients come seeking help for Marijuana addiction. Many of them experience quite severe anxiety when withdrawing from marijuana. The brain adapts to the regular use of marijuana just like the consistent administration of any drug of abuse. Our brain's natural cannabinoids give a sense of well-being. Smoking cannabis (marijuana) causes a reduction of our natural cannabinoids and when someone stops smoking they lose their sense of well-being (anxiety) and it takes a long period of abstinence for the brain to begin to correct. Eventually it will if a person maintains sobriety long enough.

Recovery Church
Family Recovery

Oct 01, 2011
Pot IS Addictive!
by: Anonymous

I'm watching my husband struggling with pot addiction. He's given up the booze and harder drugs and doesn't think there's a problem smoking weed. I beg to differ!

If he doesn't have any, he becomes ill...physically sick. No appetite, vomiting, etc. It's as if he's withdrawing from opiates!!!

People should know that addiction to pot is just as bad as other drugs. If you are getting clean and sober, it means ALL drugs!!!!

Peace out!

Aug 17, 2011
by: Rae

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion about marijuana and whether it's addictive or not. I certainly don't think that the person who wrote this story got into a car accident because they 'had it in their mind' that they were going to get in trouble. This person smoked and was high, which impaired her judgment, and got into a car accident. That is not something that was in her mind.

Maybe you can smoke marijuana and put it down whenever you need to. I hope that is the case. But for a lot of people, that is not the case.

Being addicted to something has nothing to do with a weak mind. It is a disease.

If you are not addicted and you can smoke and it helps you sleep or relax, that's great and I cannot tell you that you should not smoke. Some people can use drugs, marijuana or other substances, and put it down whenever they want and not become addicted to them. But many people have problems with substances including marijuana, and I think this is something that should be taken very seriously.

I think that everyone could benefit from learning a little bit more about addiction and having an open mind about what addiction means. It means something different to everyone.

Thank you for your comment.

Aug 16, 2011
Probably had too much
by: Anonymous

You probably had too much and since you were off it for awhile you had some low tolerance to it. It was all in your mind thinking weed was having a negative effect on you and you convinced yourself something bad was gonna happen.

I only turn to weed when I'm bored and alone. Whenever some one calls me to go do something, I say forget the weed, let's go do something fun.

I have 20 bucks right now and I'm home alone and want to get high so badly, but I want to waste that money on something else.

People with weak minds make the stupid decisions with Marijuana, giving it a bad name. I smoke it to relax. I don't feel addicted. I have insomnia some nights; weed helps me sleep faster.

PS I remember having insomnia when I was younger never smoking it.

Jun 25, 2011
Marijuana Addictive
by: Rae

Some people are addicted to marijuana, and some are not. I respect what you are saying - you can smoke and your life is not affected in a negative way.
However just because it does not affect you negatively doesn't mean it doesn't affect others negatively.

Some people can drink socially and not become alcoholics. Some people even do cocaine every now and then but never become addicted or have problems with it.

Just because one person is not addicted to something doesn't mean it isn't addictive. I absolutely think that alcohol is a huge problem and we have written numerous articles about the withdrawal symptoms and the dangers of drinking alcohol. I personally don't advocate the use of any drugs, but only for myself. I know that I cannot drink or use any other drugs, marijuana included, without my life becoming a total mess. For people like you who can, that's great. Everyone has the right to choose for themselves what they use or don't use.

As far as marijuana being illegal and alcohol being legal, I will be honest and say I don't know how I feel about that. I think people will find drugs, legal or illegal, if they want them badly enough. But you are absolutely right that alcohol causes a great deal of violence and death and injuries.

Thanks for your input.


Jun 25, 2011
by: Marij A. Wanna

If marijuana was addictive I'm pretty sure that right now, as we speak I'd be out doing some horrible act to get marijuana. As a smoker of 11 years I recently quit for upcoming probation. You know what happened to me? A little agitation, then I smoked a bong two nights ago, and guess what? The next day I didn't even think about smoking. If it was as highly addictive as the government has made it out to be, I would think that I'd be looking for it uncontrollably, but I'm here writing a response to your article. Had I been drinking the day before I wouldn't be worth shit. Do an article on alcohol being addictive because quite frankly, something with a withdrawl symptom similar to heroin being legal and marijuana not being legal makes absolutely no sense. Look at all the violence and death alcohol causes each year, you would never see those statistics when you look to marijuana.

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