Is this coke?

I am trying to figure out the drug my grand-daughter is doing. She clams up real quiet which I heard that cocaine does to some people. Her chin is going kinda back and forth, no weight loss, etc. She is smoking something in a pipe which has no smell so I know it is not her usual pot (she is 17) could it be coke?

Don't want to accuse her of the wrong drug? All this is hard enough. She has smoked pot for years.. I feel like the drug police. I have been through this with my daughter and son, and ex husband. I have educated myself till I cannot educate myself anymore so here I am going through all this with her. I need some of the unusal symptoms instead of the regular ones. She could be smoking some type of pill???

thanks for writing in with your question. The truth is, there is really no way for me to tell you what drug your grand-daughter is using. The only person who will know that is your grand-daughter. It probably isn't marijuana, as you said, because there is no smell.

That would lead me to believe that yes it could be crack-cocaine or heroin. People who use cocaine regularly generally lose a lot of weight rather quickly, and it usually makes them agitated and on edge rather than quiet. Of course, all drugs affect everyone differently.

When you say her chin is going back and forth, the first thing that comes to mind is heroin (or sure, she could be smoking oxycontin or some sort of opiate, which is essentially the same as doing heroin). People who use heroin tend to 'nod' out, and it looks like they are bobbing their head back and forth/falling asleep midair.

Sometimes smoking heroin can produce a certain kind of smell, but sometimes it doesn't (depends what it is cut with etc). Smoking crack-cocaine can also produce a smell also. Is there any smell when she is smoking?

I'm sorry I cannot give you a definitive answer. All I can say is that there are many possibilities of what she could be smoking, and it sounds serious. These drugs are incredibly addictive and dangerous. Try speaking to your grand-daughter. You can always take her to get a drug test, or do an at home drug test (you can purchase these from most drug stores). You may want to try to get your daughter some help.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.


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Jan 26, 2013
I would say YES
by: Anonymous

Being a crack addict for almost 30 years, I would say that is what she is doing. Crack makes many people very quiet. This happens to me when I used it. I also grind me teeth as well which would make her mouth move side to side. I've seen this in many crack addicts. However crystal meth causes this as well but when people do my they tend to talk a lot and real fast.

I don't think it's opiates (I'm also recovering from that addiction. Opiates make you tired and nod out but you're still able to talk.

Drugs do affect everyone differently but the signs point to crack smoking crack(a solid and smoke-able form of cocaine).

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