Just starting

by Kevin

I am just starting treatment this week and i am scared to death that I will fail. Alcohol has been a major part of my life for many decades but finally look over my body when I couldn't talk without shaking and couldn't write. I called for help and they put me right into detox for 5 days. I stayed sober for 9 days but then started again until my skill at hiding my habit, or so I thought was brought out into the open.

I don't know how to be sober and I don't know what to do when sober. I am a lost soul, I am not religous and will have trouble putting my trust in something I don't believe in. Is there anyone out there that has the same feelings that have found a way to believe in yourself and not put trust in something i don't believe in?

Hi Kevin,

The way you're feeling is really normal. When I first went to treatment and started going to meetings, I didn't think I could get past the "religious" aspects of it. Honestly though, I don't think it really matters. It's not about religion and it's not about god - it's about finding something that works for you.. Something that helps you stay sober and have a life you deserve and can enjoy.

For some people, that's god. For others, the motivation is their family or their health or just anything important In your life.
The less I focused on having a higher power and finding something to believe in, the less pressure I felt and the easier it was for me to stay sober and figure out what worked for me.

For me, meetings are what kept me sober for the first 18 months. It was a good way to meet people going through something similar. More recently, meetings haven't been a huge part of my recovery. I go to therapy and I work out and I read or write or whatever else I enjoy doing and that is productive and helpful for me.

Just find something that works for you and try not to focus so much on what you're "supposed" to do or believe in. Some people do end up finding a higher power and believing in something, so it's always good to stay open minded.

Good luck with everything!


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Jan 23, 2015
Gday Kevin (WI)
by: Alex (Oz)

Hey Kevin.
I totally get where you're coming from. For over 20 years I drank and had no idea what my life would be like without alcohol - it got to the stage that I didn't want to know even though I didn't want to drink anymore (I'm going to share my story here too which will explain more).
For now I wanted to say to you that after avoiding AA for all this time - I thought it kind of a religious cult that brainwashed people - I walked into a meeting after a detox 3 months ago and it feels like the best thing I have ever done. People do refer to God, as do the steps and the book, but others do not. There are all kinds of ways do work AA as you need or want to, and the people I have met (well most of them haha) are genuine, warm people who want to help.
I enjoy going to meetings - there are all kinds of members from all walks of life. A higher power is talked of and I was cynical, but for me there is a higher power and that is the strength of the people in the rooms. I have never felt more comfortable with a group of people - there is just such a great mutual understanding and trust.
Give it a shot mate, it's helping me.
Good luck champ, Alex.

May 01, 2013
Hi kevin (WI)
by: Mike

Well hi Kevin .First of all try to take everything in the moment and dont worry about the future or indeed the past they dont exist no lie ,forget them .Yes I did have a very powerful spiritual experience in 1987 some people doo and some simply have a slower progression of spiritual growth.When i started Meetings I wanted to find a Higher Power so and looking back I was silly because now I know and this is a bit funny (there's no need to go searching for a Higher Power,simply because the Higher Power is'nt the one who's lost.So keep this simple and you'r H..P.. will find you but lend a hand God exists now not somewhere else NOW in the moment Someone once said to me ,(Now) is a gift from God.and that's why we call it the (PRESENT)make the best of each moment one step at a time.Get to like yourself your a good guy at heart and always rember (IF YOU WALK WITH ONE LEG IN THE FUTURE AND ONE IN THE PAST,YOU'R POISED TO PEE ON THE (PRESENT)in practcing living in the now you find peace within and thats the key to peace .GOD ALWAYS hears what you say when you say it with real sincerity.For me GOD is pure love.live in the now its real freedom. Thats the the the Key to real freedom from self little steps one moment at a time .Mike cheers

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