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No matter where I go I cannot get away from Lindsay Lohan gossip. Whether it’s the radio, TV, or an online news article, Lindsay Lohan news is everywhere.

Her present situation happens to be very relevant to the issues we discuss on this website. Lindsay Lohan on drugs, Lindsay Lohan and alcohol, Lindsay Lohan DUI or Lindsay Lohan scandals are the subjects of many of the stories floating around. She is clearly an alcoholic and a drug addict who is in need of help.

Yes, we have heard of “Lindsay Lohan rehab” multiple times, but sometimes it takes longer for treatment to ‘click’ with certain people, especially celebrities. It sometimes takes more than one stay in rehab for an addict to finally “get it” and truly learn to live a life of sobriety.

It’s often easy for celebrities to get away with their wrongdoings and substance abuse because of the power they hold in their world. Celebrities often get away with things that ‘normal’ people would never get away with, or they aren’t reprimanded as harshly.

However, in Lindsay Lohan’s case, people seem to be doing the opposite. Maybe it’s because they feel as though she’s had enough chances in her life, but whatever the reason is, I believe Lindsay is being treated rather unfairly.

One of the Lindsay Lohan latest topics is “Did she steal the necklace? Did she violate her probation?” The truth is, I have no idea about the alleged Lindsay Lohan theft, and neither does anybody else. Regardless of whatever Lindsay Lohan charges they come up with, what she needs is more treatment. Lindsay needs someone who can guide her on the path to recovery. She does not need to be worrying about work, community service, and felony charges. She is absolutely an addict, and one who continues to spiral out of control.

I understand that when people break the law, ‘justice’ needs to be served. That being said, isn’t there also supposed to be rehabilitation taking place when someone is being reprimanded? In my opinion, justice in many cases doesn’t just involve punishment. Justice must involve rehabilitation if the person committing a crime is one who can be rehabilitated. There are certainly categories of criminals that most experts say cannot be rehabilitated. The one that comes to mind is child sex predators.

However, there is abundant evidence that many addicts can achieve total sobriety and go on to live healthy, productive lives. To send them away to prison without rehabilitation is not serving justice for humanity.

Regardless of the latest Lindsay Lohan news, whatever it may be, Lindsay Lohan needs more treatment - that is the bottom line. Maybe she did steal the necklace. That shows me even more so that she needs treatment. Behaviors such as stealing are absolutely part of the addictive process. When an addict gets clean, often other negative behaviors begin to surface and take the place of drug use. These behaviors often include lying, stealing, and cheating.

This isn’t the case for every person who gets clean, but it is very common. A lot of people assume that the second the substance abuse is discontinued, everything should just go back to normal. This isn’t the case. Lindsay Lohan addictions, though she is a celebrity, are no different than any other person’s drug addiction or alcohol addiction. Celebrity health and celebrity addicts require exactly the same type of concerns and treatments for good health and addiction as the rest of us.

The more that people continue to bash her in the media, the more she is going to act out. She needs to have people on her side who are willing to make sure she really gets the help she needs.

Her situation reminds me a little bit of Charlie Sheen’s. He isn’t in the same type of legal trouble that Lindsay Lohan is, but the media coverage is exacerbating his delusions. Charlie Sheen doesn’t need a reality show; he needs a reality check. He doesn’t need people buying tickets to his show and supporting his antics. Whether or not Charlie Sheen is sober, he still needs some help. The more we continue to egg him on, the more craziness will come of it.

I think the bottom line is that we need to realize that these celebrities are just like any other addict in the world. They need help, and exploiting them is not helping them. Whether Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen are clean from drugs and alcohol or not, they still have a lot of work they need to do on themselves. Treatment, not Lindsay Lohan prison time or Charlie Sheen exploitation, is essential for the well-being of both of them. 

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