Living the Dream

by Ana C.

My clean date is june 21st 2009; I got clean at 22. Through God's grace and mercy I have been able to stay clean. I was told a grateful addict will never use and so far so good! Sometimes it's a struggle but it's always a total blessing to be in recovery.

Thank God for the rooms of Narcotics Anonymous where I've been able to find a new way of life -certainly better than any life I would live if left to my own devices. It's nice to know about other addicts in recovery all over the world because it's so important for me to remember I'm never alone in this. So many people are in recovery and I'm so blessed to be one of them.

I have an amazing life today but I never forget how terrible my life used to be. I'm so grateful to have survived the horrors of active addiction for 10 years. Great site and good luck to you on your journey - the steps are the solution!

Hi Ana,

Thanks for writing in and sharing that! It's so nice to hear from people who are in recovery and are actually happy! Sharing your triumphs and your happiness is just as important as sharing about where you were before you got clean. I think it's really nice to show people that there is a way out - not only is there a way out, but there' a great way out.

I agree, it's definitely hard sometimes, but it's so much better than my life used to be. I have moments where I think otherwise, but they pass fairly quickly and I realize how lucky and how grateful I really am.

When I think about where I was a a few years ago, it's kind of hard to believe what my life is like today. My life is definitely better, but I still find myself trying to figure out how I ended up here.

Thanks so much for sharing that - congratulations and good luck with everything!


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