Marijuana for Pain Relief for Pets?

Should marijuana be legal? Should we use marijuana for pain relief for our pets? The debate about making certain drugs legal, particularly medical use marijuana, has been going on for years. 

Should all states and federal law allow patients to use marijuana medicinally? Is marijuana addictive? These are just a few of the many questions people bring up when marijuana is mentioned.

A lot of people feel that marijuana is harmless, that it’s not a gateway drug, and that it isn’t any more dangerous than tobacco or alcohol, which are both legal drugs. As a recovering drug addict, I certainly am not a proponent for legalizing marijuana. That being said, I’m still undecided about medicinal marijuana and using marijuana for pain.

Should we legalize marijuana for marijuana pain management? I do know that there are a lot of people that medical marijuana really helps, but I also know it is often abused and diverted to people other than the patients who are supposed to be taking the marijuana treatment.

Legal Drugs: A Marijuana Patch for Pets?

Very recently, there has been a new side to the marijuana legalization debate. A Seattle company is talking about marketing a medical marijuana patch for animals, such as dogs and horses, in order to control pain and to increase appetite in sick animals that may not be able to eat. What do you think about medicinal marijuana if it is used with animals and not people? Does this change your opinion?

Legalizing a drug such as marijuana to be used for pets certainly has several benefits such as pain reduction, increased appetite, reduced nausea, improved energy, and an overall feeling of well-being for your pets. Medical marijuana chronic pain relief has been a topic widely researched in humans, and although it is still highly debated, the research about marijuana therapy certainly could apply to pets as well. That being said, the idea of a medical marijuana patch for pets is not fool-proof.

Ideas can often sound great and seem as though they would be very effective, but it doesn’t always work like that. A medical marijuana patch for animals needs thorough testing and even then, every pet is an individual and if it doesn’t work the way it should, it could seriously hurt animals. There’s also the problem of people obtaining the marijuana patch under the pretenses of using it for their pets, but perhaps diverting it to humans and using and engaging in medical marijuana abuse. Should Marijuana Be Legal?

One of the major issues with a medical marijuana patch, or any product that involves the use of medical marijuana treatment, is the fact that the DEA (drug enforcement administration) still does not believe that there are any medical benefits of marijuana use for pets or human beings. Federal laws do not support medicinal marijuana, and that is why most states still consider marijuana illegal and do not allow it to be used medicinally. The US Department of Justice also agrees with the DEA, reinforcing federal restrictions on marijuana medical purposes.

Certain states may allow medicinal marijuana, but the federal government does not support this. This fact will make it difficult for veterinarians to feel comfortable prescribing this drug. Despite what people think about the benefits of marijuana, the federal government makes most of the decisions. While marijuana patches for pets could be beneficial, I don’t know that it will gain any popularity until the federal government changes its tune, and I don’t see that happening.

What do you think about using marijuana for pain relief for your pet? Should marijuana be legal? If it were, would you give it to your pet? Would you use marijuana medicinally for yourself? Let us know what you think!

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