Memory Lane

by Amy
(Cullman, Alabama)

Wow, I could write a book on what God has done for our dad has now been sober for 17 years from alcoholism.

Both my parents separated when I was 14 and both remarried (now they are back together after being apart 13 years) and both my parents struggled with addictions.

My mom was hooked on cocaine, pot, and alcohol. So to continue it, when I was a teenager I drank, smoked pot, and tried a wide array of drugs.

My younger sister also fell into a spiral of pill addiction.

Now, as I write, my mom is in rehab for having an almost deadly accident that involved my niece.

In February, God spoke to me and said enough is enough, and I am hoping with God almighty that these awful addictions do not make it to the next generation. There is hope and no matter how messed up someone is they can change!

The road is hard and many hurdles will come your way, but we must press on and stay strong and trust in God alone because in the end HE is the only one that can truly transform anyone.


Thank you so much for sharing.

You have been through extraordinarily difficult times and many (most) people would not come out the other side with your faith and determination. You are an inspiration to others.

Congratulations and admiration are due to your father also. I hope the rest of your family can learn from your example and that they do well also.

Thank you again for sharing your story. It's stories like yours that show others who are struggling that it is indeed possible to overcome just about anything.

Our continued best wishes for your recovery,
Shelby and Rae

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