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Why Meth Addiction Help Is a MUST: The Fatal Dangers of Meth

Think methamphetamine abusers do not need help? If you think this, you have obviously never seen a meth addict up close like Karol Kumpfer did. 

When Kumpfer, who was then director of the U.S Center for Substance Abuse Prevention, saw the young women getting treated at an outpatient drug rehab center in northern California, she was stunned. Their faces were terribly pale; their eyes looked shrunken in their sockets; their hair had all fallen out.

"I was shocked," said Kumpfer. "Heroin addicts at least eat and hold jobs." The young women she saw at the meth addiction treatment center that day looked incapable of doing either. It is for this reason that what happened to them should be thought of as a cautionary tale.

The facts are simple.

Meth kills. It kills quickly and surely. And thanks to the many refinements in today's recipes, the meth being sold these days is six times more powerful than the meth that flower children bought from bikers back in the 60's.

Meth: Worse Than Cocaine?

Meth can be more frightening than cocaine for a few reasons.

● It's easier to buy and is often more readily available 

● It's relatively cheaper

● It stays longer in the body

To use layman's language, what meth does is rewrite the brain. The outcome? If you seek meth addiction help from drug rehab centers, it is possible for you to recover — but your brain will never be the same again.

In contrast, cocaine does not stay long in the brain because it gets metabolized completely in the body. Not so with meth. Worse, if you continue to abuse it, it will eventually make you paranoid and then psychotic.

How Is Meth Abused?

Meth is taken in many ways. Addicts can:

● dissolve it in alcohol or water and then drink it

● snort it if it comes in powder form

● smoke it

● inject it

On the streets, meth goes by other names. Some call it speed; others call it chalk, ice, glass, or even crystal. No matter what name it goes by, however, one thing remains true: it is highly dangerous and if you have been abusing it or know someone who is, you should seek meth addiction help right away.

The Scary Immediate Effects

When you get down to it, what meth really is about is extremes.

Taking it to slim down? One addict in Tacoma of average height dropped a staggering 80 pounds while she was pregnant!

Taking it for mind-blowing sex? Meth will give you this — in the beginning. This is why it's highly popular in Seattle's many gay bath houses and nightclub raves. Be warned, though, that the drug eventually damages sexual functioning. Some lose interest in sex. Others suffer impotence. Women develop infertility and menstrual problems.

Taking it for extra energy? Some use meth to help them stay up longer, but at a great toll to their health. The record-holder is said to be a woman who did not sleep for 21 days!

Long Term Effects

Over time, methamphetamine abuse leads to fast health decline, memory loss, grave dental problems, anorexia, convulsions, and cardiovascular collapse.

Still think methamphetamine abusers do not need serious meth addiction help? 

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