my names Mary and i was a junkie And i still struggle

by mary

So my names Mary and I'm 20 almost 21 and I've struggled with many drugs since I was 12. When I first tried a drug it was crack and only did it because they did it. But it ended up being more than that...I wanted it everyday. Then the diet pills and any pill I could find in my cabinet.

I also stopped eating for days an days. I honestly hated myself to the core and the surroundings around me which means all my family problems. By the time I got in high school my dad committed suicide and I started using more drugs - weed cocaine, duster.. pills - different ones and cold meds.

It just got worse and worse and ended up using heroin and crack together and meth for a little bit. But my main problem today I still struggle with is heroin and crack after being in and out of jail to support my habit.

I've been doing good so far but I seem to be smoking crack on the days I know ill be safe to not drop dirty.

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