My riddance story

by Arash

Not a long time ago I was a teenager, and I believed I had no blemish and I hated addicts. It was fate that I became an addict myself and my wish was to live even a day without drugs like ordinary people in the society.

Although I loved to revive from addiction and I stopped using drugs many times, I had no success stopping it for a long period of time. For these failures, I became disappointed with life.

It is a famous quote that we are what we think we are, and I was an addict seeking riddance. At last I found the best method to get rid of my addiction, which was the D.S.T method. My treatment took about 12 months but at last after 11 years of addiction i was revived from addiction living a happy life without temptations. And without taking medicine of any kind.

Nowadays my wish is to become a guide in Congress60 helping other addicts who seeks riddance.

Hi Arash,

Thank you for sharing that with us! I have been hearing a lot about congress60 lately, and it sounds like it's something that has been incredibly helpful for a lot of people.

To be able to receive treatment for almost a year is really amazing. Usually people encounter trouble with money or insurance and either receive treatment for a short period of time, or not at all.

I was lucky enough to receive inpatient treatment for about 2 months which I am really grateful for. I think that intensive kind of treatment can make all the difference when we are trying to remain clean and sober once treatment is over.

I'm very happy that you found a way out of your addiction and are living a happy life!


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Aug 04, 2012
by: Ehsan

Thanks Arash for sharing your story

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