Narcotics Anonymous Meetings

This page introduces the 12 step program and Narcotics Anonymous meetings and traditions. At the end of this page, you will find links to additional pages about The 12 Step Program and Traditions of AA as well as other related topics.

How N.A. Began

Narcotics Anonymous was inspired by the Alcoholics Anonymous program and began about 10 years later, in the early 1950’s, with Narcotics Anonymous meetings appearing first in California. It took a good thirty years to fully develop and spread, but today, the program extends throughout the Americas, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and even the Middle East. Meetings can even be found scattered across India, Africa, and Eastern Asia.

Joining N.A. is similar to joining A.A. or any other 12 step program, where all you have to do is show up! Membership with the group is open to anyone with a drug addiction, no matter what substance or substances you use. Fortunately, too, you don’t have to choose between joining N.A. or joining A.A. if a 12 step program is something you want to try. You could abuse drugs and alcohol and be a member of both, or a member of one or the other, to get the support you need.

A common misconception is that you have to be religious to join N.A. meetings because of the frequent references to God or something similar, but just as in A.A., N.A. is non-religious and is simply a therapeutic avenue for addicts to work with, learn from, and heal with one another. There is a lot of healing in learning that you are not alone, in sharing your struggles, and in celebrating your successes. And, where a higher power is concerned, every member is encouraged to find any spiritual source, whatever that source may be, to admit their powerlessness over their disease.

Any 12 step program can be helpful for those recovering from any addiction, but Narcotics Anonymous meetings are ideal for the recovering drug addicts, because the Steps and Traditions have been modified from their original A.A. language to speak more generally about “addicts” instead of “alcoholics”.

Narcotics Anonymous 12 Steps

The N.A. 12 Traditions


My 12 Step Work with My Alcoholics Anonymous Sponsor

The 12 Step Program and Traditions of AA 

Twelve Step Program

Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings: What to Say

Addiction Stories: Fear Public Speaking

Alcoholics Anonymous Sponsor

Alcohol NA and Other Substance Addiction Questions

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