Never Alone, Never Again - Living my life sober

by Carmen Yvonne
(Canoga Park, CA, USA)

My name is Carmen and I'm an addict/alcoholic. I've been an addict since 13, meth being my first drug. I continued until I was 22 - doing just about any drug I could get my hands on. It took getting pregnant to sober me up from the hard-stuff, but soon after my daughter's birth I turned to alcohol.

I have been an alcoholic for 8 years and it took going to jail, 3 felonies, and a strike, to open my eyes to the path of self-destruction I was walking. I lost everything: my home, my job, many possessions, and 5 precious months with my daughter. The stories I have to share are many and sharing them is what keeps me sober today. To learn more about me and how I live my life sober - follow me on Twitter @iamcarmenyvonne.

Hi Carmen,

Thanks for writing in and sharing your story with us!It's scary how powerful drugs and alcohol are, and it's scary how quickly they can take over and destroy our lives.

I started using around the same time you did, and would use just about anything that was available. It didn't really matter what drug it was. It was so important for me to realize that drugs and alcohol were equally as dangerous for me. I couldn't use anything responsibly.

It's a shame that it takes us losing so much to realize that we need help, but it's amazing that you realized that. Some people never realize that they need to stop. Congratulations on getting clean/sober! It's something you should be so proud of.

Thanks again for writing in. I think the more people who are open about their struggles and their recovery, the better. We need to stop feeling ashamed about our addictions, because this prevents us from getting the help we need. Thanks again!


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May 23, 2012
by: Mom Allie

So very proud of your continued hard work. I believe in you and your efforts will be blessed. Looks like a wonderful site to get great support. Love you bunches always.

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