Physchiatric Addiction

by Connor

this is my story. I began abusing the drug hashish and Marijuana at age fourteen, it ended up having the craving unbearably addictive. I started using out of a homemade pop can bowl and it started from there. I was in stock of 3.5g's at my first time, the first time I got high I knew that would be my first mistake. The second time I smoked with 6-7 guys out of a hitter, 1g took about 2-3 hours to smoke it all, I felt great and this 'friend' of mine stayed the night. I mown lawns and shoveled snow for my drug money, I used it all in hopes it would be worth it. I felt great through the time but soon I ended up in a Psychiatric ward... Methodist for depression.. possibly from all the chemicals I have inhaled from the smoke. I loved getting high and my record of getting high in a row is 1-2 weeks... I smoked almost every day, even at the bus stop. I felt great, I failed in school though but they are pushing me through. I soon ended up in the second Psychiatric ward in The Pavilion, from there it was time to finally quit my addiction, I have only used once since I was in there. Though sadly I am also addicted to nicotine and tobacco. I am gradually stopping the tobacco and already stopped smoking marijuana, soon I am getting a test from the state government depending on if I stay home or not... hopefully I stay home...


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