Prescription Pill Addiction

The Dangers of  Prescription Pill Addiction

If you are familiar with prescription pill addiction, you know it's not only cocaine, marijuana, LSD, meth, etc that people abuse. The latest war against drugs is no longer fought in dark alleys and gritty street corners. It's fought in neighborhood pharmacies, where millions of addicts around the world get their fix

Just like addiction to any type of drug, prescription pill addiction can effect absolutely anyone. Thousands of suburban dads, moms, teachers, teenagers, and even nurses are suffer from prescription pill addiction. In fact, many have died because of this addiction.

What Gets Abused?

There are three main types of prescription drugs that usually get abused and misused.

1. Stimulants - These include Ritalin and Adderall.

2. Depressants - These include Xanax, Valium,  and Klonopin, which depress your central nervous system.

3. Opioids - These include Vicodin, Percocet, and Oxycodone.

What makes opiates so deadly is that used medically, it really does work. But when you abuse it, it stops working and your body becomes incredibly dependent on it. A significant number of people who are addiction to prescription pills started using these prescriptions legally and properly. Someone gets their wisdom teeth out and the dentist prescribes Percocet. Another person gets into a car accident and their doctor prescribes Oxycodone. In the immediate short-term, this is helpful and may be necessary. But without proper oversight from doctors, people end up becoming dependent on these prescription pills. Even if the doctor is being vigilant, some people still end up getting addicted and then turn to the streets to buy pills, and eventually heroin/fentanyl. 

The Negative Effects

Addiction to prescription pills takes a huge toll on your finances, emotional health, and physical well-being. In particular, it attacks your liver. A liver that is healthy is supple and spongy. But, if you take many pills, your liver will need to work very hard to clear all the toxins in your body. It will turn a greenish hue and become soft.

If the abuse continues for many years without any effort at all to seek help from a drug abuse treatment center, expect your liver to suffer terribly. Over time, the liver will scar and turn into a shriveled, cirrhotic organ.

This is why many addicts experience liver cirrhosis and chronic liver diseases — and there is nothing at all pretty or nice about cirrhosis. When you have cirrhosis, your liver undergoes sure destruction which, in most cases, results in death.

The natural progression of prescription opiate addiction is the turn to heroin or fentanyl. The pills are too expensive on the streets, and the human body builds a tolerance, at which point the person needs more and more of the drug to just feel normal. The easiest solution to this problem is to turn to cheaper, stronger drugs. 

Rehabilitation for Prescription Pill Addiction?

Many people end up in a rehabilitation facility for prescription pill addiction, and this is the best place to be. At a facility with trained doctors and addiction professionals, they will be able to determine how to best help you. That may include methadone, suboxone, or just tapering you off of your prescription medication. This is a very serious addiction and shouldn't be deal with alone.

The good news is, it doesn't have to end in permanent liver damage. Once you stop abusing pills and start making healthier lifestyle choices, you give your liver time to recover.

The result?

The liver is often able to regenerate itself and go back to its pre-addiction state!

Whether you know it or not, someone you know is most likely fighting a prescription pill addiction.

One of the most problematic things about prescription pill addiction is the legality of these pills. Because pills are given out by doctors, many fail to see that these pills are just as devastating as coke, crack, meth, or heroin. Left untreated, the addiction kills, just like any other addiction.

If you are addicted to prescription pills or know someone who is, do not wait. Seek help right away. Whether this help comes from drug rehab facilities, family, or a trusted doctor, it is help that just might save a life — maybe even your own. 

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