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Hello, ill just use the Title. My name is sick. I kinda want this to be totally anonymous. I haven't shared this story with anyone but close friends and my fiance. Im 18 now, and will be going to college with her very soon. But not many want to hear about that.

I moved to hawaii when I was one month from my 13th birthday. Military. They stuck us in a place ill call sinners circle. Its what we called it. Less backstory. I fell in with a bad group, when I was 14. We wore red a lot, hintity hint. I became a future. I did a lot of things. But when I was 15, my 'friend' introduced me to heroin. I smoked pot. Had byvanze (not sure how to spell it. But its a pill. So what the hell.) 1.25'd my addies for ADHD. Zombified.

Id even stole a bottle of moms vicodin and some codeine and shared em with my friends. But all of that turned to shit when I got those little white grams. A friend told me I needed less cuz I was pretty damn lightweight back then. But I took as much as his brother would give me. It was a reward for something. Thats for another time. But anyway. I broke into cars to steal ipods and cds. Went midday 'porch hoppin.' Stole bikes. Sold other stuff, k2, pot, pills, all for my dealer and new best friend.

But in october after I turned 16, I very nearly OD'd. My heart was pounding, and pounding, then stopped. Idk y. It had never done it before. But I was actually reaching for a little more from the box me and my roommate had. Its funny when an addict saves an addict, right? After my heart got regulated, stopped skipping, I cried... I got my stuff. Left all but a pinch of H in my backpack hiding spot. Went home to mom....

We left hawaii and my stepdad shortly after. Southern us. Next to louisiana. I quit. Heroin and the drink was all I was addicted to. And I didn't quit drinkin. Just used whiskey and a few pk's to get me through it while I stayed at my cousins. Id long since stopped going to school. It was the proudest day of my life when I hit the 7 day mark. Even prouder when I hit 40. I got a call 6 months or so after I had first started my detox. A good friend of mine had died. A bad way too.

Its been a year and several months now. And I am proud to say I can even drink responsibly every few days and not want more. Im sorry if the need for anonymity escapes some readers. Even 2 dates were changed. But its for the best- Scarecrow.

PS, for those who needed to know, ya know now.

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