Signs of Drug Addiction

Do You Know The Signs of Drug Addiction?

Is your brother, sister, cousin, friend, or colleague showing signs of drug addiction? Are you? Here are some signs that you should watch for.

  • You crave the drug regularly. This can be daily or several times within the day.
  • You cannot stop using the drug no matter how hard you try.
  • You feel compelled to keep a supply stashed away, where you can reach it easily and quickly.
  • You buy drugs even when you can't afford it.
  • You lie, cheat, or steal just to gain access to the drug---and all three are behaviors you normally would not do.
  • You drive or do other dangerous activities while you're under drug influence.
  • You focus more and more energy and time on getting and then using the drug.

These are only a few signs of drug addiction, however. There are naturally other symptoms that are drug specific. For instance:

Signs of Drug Addiction - Marijuana 

Signs of drug addiction and dependence include

  • poor memory
  • sharper sense of seeing, hearing, and tasting
  • red eyes
  • poor coordination
  • difficulty in concentrating
  • increased appetite
  • slower reaction time
  • increased heart rate and blood pressure

Benzodiazepines and Barbiturates

These drugs are depressants. Signs of abuse and dependence include

● confusion
● memory damage
● lack of coordination
● slurring of speech
● slower breathing
● dizziness
● depression
● constant sleepiness

Cocaine, Methamphetamine, and Other Stimulants

If you are addicted to meth or know someone who is, please do not delay getting help from a drug abuse treatment center. Meth is very dangerous, more so because it is widely available and relatively inexpensive. It's highly addicting, and it causes many health problems both short-term and long-term. Signs of addiction to this drug type include

● rapid speech
● euphoria
● decreased appetite
● rapid speech
● restlessness
● depression (which occurs only as the drugs wear off)
● insomnia
● weight loss
● increased temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate
● paranoia
● nasal congestion and maybe even damage to the nose's mucous membrane (this happens to those who snort the drug)


The symptoms vary depending on which drug is being abused, the most common being PCP and LSD. You will know someone has been abusing LSD if this person suffers

● hallucinations
● permanent changes in mental perception
● very fast heart rate
● high blood pressure
● tremors
● flashbacks which can occur several years after the actual abuse


● delusions
● panic
● hallucinations
● loss of appetite
● aggressive—perhaps even violent—behavior

If you have these signs of drug addiction or if you believe someone's drug use is getting out of hand, get help. Drug dependence is dangerous short-term and deadly long-term so get help while you can.

If you think an intervention is needed, do it fast and do it correctly.

Remember that addictions do not go away on their own. You cannot talk  yourself or someone out of it, or wish it away. Rehabilitation is a process that takes time, patience, and careful planning. The sooner you seek help from drug rehab facilities, the better and safer

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