So right now I'm sitting in a bed in an emergency room

by Tc

Yesterday was not a good day. My fiancée started abusing amphetamines again. I found out while doing laundry. So I got drunk.

Today I went to an AA meeting with good intentions. Then I went to the bar and proceeded to get fucking wasted. I started thinking about just ending it all. I thought about it far too long. So I put my drink down and walked to the hospital and said that I'm having a psychiatric emergency and here I am.

Not the best day. I wish I handled some of it better but in the end I think I made the right choice. Staying at the bar, going home drunk, etc - terrible ideas.

I'm feeling pretty shaky. Unsurprising. Also feeling really depressed. No shock there either.

However, there is tomorrow and every day is a chance.

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