Sober House - A New Experience

Without the help of a sober house, the abrupt change from inpatient rehab to real world living can be unsettling and even dangerous. A sober living house offers a helpful transition between these two very different worlds. 

This transition is best done in steps. Otherwise, the individual in recovery will leave rehab and go right back to the same world that helped lead to their addiction in the first place.

To avoid a relapse, it is best to enter the real world in a more gentle manner. A transition house offers this option by allowing the person in recovery to share a residence with others in recovery. While there, they are under limited professional care as they slowly regain the freedom of the real world.

There are rules to follow at such rehab homes. The most common and strict rule, of course, is that residents cannot engage in any drug or alcohol use. Most sober homes perform drug and alcohol testing randomly.

There are also curfews to follow and required 12 step meetings to attend. 

Following is an entry from Rae's journal after she arrived at the transition house following 4 weeks at the inpatient drug treatment facility: 

Tuesday September 7th

I am at the transition house. It's not bad. I'm glad to be out of inpatient drug rehab, but it's pretty lonely here.

I really wish I could just go home right now. But I agreed to do PHP at least for a week. I guess it will be beneficial.

I just don't like change. And I don't really know the people here so it's awkward. I should go outside and introduce myself but I just really don't want to.

All I want is to go home.

Night time is really hard for me.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better. 

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