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Our addicted to sobriety gift shop was created to provide unique gifts for people interested in recovery related gifts. We offer a wide range of gifts, including t-shirts, mugs and jewelry. My family has often bought me recovery related gifts for birthdays or anniversaries, and these are gifts that have always meant a lot to me. 

Recovery Clothing

Celebrate your sobriety with a recovery t-shirt. Recovery apparel is a good reminder of what we are fighting for - our freedom from addiction and the opportunity to be happy and healthy each and every day.

Browse our selection of recovery apparel here.

My goal is to educate people about addiction and recovery, and with this website I am able to reach so many people. I think it’s important to keep talking about addiction so people realize it’s not something to be ashamed of. Working on this site takes a lot of time and effort - the proceeds of this shop go toward keeping this website up and running.

When I first got sober, my friends and family often got me gifts relating to my sobriety. It helped me understand that they respected my sobriety and the choices I was making in my life. It also helped me realize that they wanted to be a part of my new life.

No matter whom you are buying a gift for, male or female, there are recovery gifts for everyone.

When a person gets sober, their sobriety is only ‘celebrated’ on certain dates and anniversaries. I always find it exciting when an anniversary is coming up, not only because it means that I have stayed sober and have improved my life, but also because I get a coin or a key tag. It’s a very small reward for staying sober, but it’s also a very meaningful one.

Sobriety gifts can serve as a way to celebrate a person’s sobriety any day and every day. These gifts can be a good reminder that a person’s sobriety is a part of them at all times.

I’ve always been taught that my sobriety has to come before everything else, because without my sobriety I will not have anything else. When I look at the recovery gifts that I have received over time, I always remember that my sobriety is a huge part of who I am and it is something that I need to hold on to, no matter what. 




Recovery Jewelry


Recovery Clothing


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