starting bubble was the worst mistake of my life..

by Jb

I am just going to tell you straight..I am 14 and I used to smoke weed every day and every night. But after a year of smoking weed non-stop, the high got boring, so my lads and I decided to move onto something worse: the new party drug Mephedrone.

I only started 3 weeks ago and already i cannot stop. I have had it non-stop every day, and I have even been taking it in school.

I have been buying large amounts, such as over 3g a day. I noticed things getting out of hand, as I am getting more 'tight' with the drug. I will give my mates say one key each even if I have 5g. At first I was just sharing it with my mates, but now it's getting out of hand. My heart constantly feels like someone is squeezing it, I have really horrible back pains and neck pains. The come down is the worst part of taking this drug.

The comedown makes you feel like sh!t. You get headaches, your teeth and jaw are hurting from gurning, you have nose bleeds...and I have never had a nose bleed in my life as far as I can remember. I am a lot more paranoid than I was when I was smoking weed. I'm aggressive with my friends and I was doing really well in school until I started taking this drug.

They NEED to do more tests on this drug, as I think it's really bad. I wish I never started.. you people might not believe I take it everyday but I can afford it, and yes, I can afford large amounts of it. I just want the hunger for drugs to stop. I know that if I don't have bubble or weed, I will move on to much bigger drugs. I would actually try anything..

Say NO to drugs. People might say weed is harmless but the main problem with it as that it makes you move on to harder drugs.

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Mar 18, 2014
I have been there
by: Anonymous

Kid,your story gave me goose bumps,I started at 13 and at the age of 31 I can Wright books on the pain and suffering I had to go through to get need to get help NOW reach out and seek till you find there is a way out

Oct 10, 2012
Amino acid therapy
by: Jeff

I would suggest researching amino acid therapy for drug addiction. It is the only treatment modality that will treat the underlying cause of your addiction. I hope that you will take this advice, and that you see the power of amino acid therapy first-hand! I have, it's the real deal!!

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