My daughter does marijuana like cigarettes. She quit for a month but went back and was using meth really badly. She stopped using that, and now it's marijuana. She says she didn't start marijuana because she was off meth, but I think she replaced it with another drug.

I am addicted to crack and they treat me like I am the worst user there is and what they do is okay. Please write let me know what to tell her. Also is there anything to take to stop the craving for crack?

Hi, thank you for writing in with your question,

Your situation sounds like a pretty complicated one. Not only do you seem very concerned about your daughter's drug use, but you are having trouble controlling your drug use as well. The truth is, I cannot tell you what to tell your daughter. If your daughter is using drugs and can't control it, nothing you say to her is going to change anything. She is going to need to want to stop on her own.

Sure, you could talk to her and try to get her to see why her using is so problematic, but you cannot make her quit. That being said, it will most likely be hard for her to listen to what you have to say about using drugs while you are actively using as well. I know you are worried about your daughter, but I worry about both of you.

I think it would be beneficial for you and your daughter if
you tried to get clean as well, and it sounds like you want to. Do you have any options of going into an inpatient treatment facility? If you do, I would strongly suggest that. If not, I would suggest going to as many 12 step meetings as possible and trying to get help from the people in these rooms. Many people are able to get sober through meetings, so don't lose hope if you aren't able to get into an inpatient treatment facility.

If you are able to stay clean, you will be in a much better place to be able to help your daughter. If you are both using and just arguing about who is worse, there probably won't be anything productive that can come from this.

As for curbing your cravings, this is pretty difficult. No, there is no drug you can take to just get rid of your cravings. Many people find that once they get clean and involve themselves in a 12 step program, then do lose the desire to use drugs. This takes a lot of work though. It often isn't instant, and it will require meeting attendance and a lot of potentially painful work.

While getting clean may be hard and can be painful at times, it certainly is worth it.

I think ultimately you need to try to take care of yourself, because until you do that, you can't be of much use for your daughter. Please feel free to write back if you have any other questions or comments!


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