Symptoms of Cocaine Use

Symptoms of cocaine use can often be very subtle, but with long-term use, the signs of cocaine use get harder to hide. One of the most obvious symptoms of cocaine use is loss of appetite and weight loss. Cocaine is a stimulant and causes the user to lose weight drastically due to the fact that it speeds up their metabolism and causes the user to not want to eat.

Another very obvious one of the cocaine addiction symptoms is dilated pupils. When a person is under the influence of a stimulant such as cocaine, their pupils will appear very enlarged.

If a person is using cocaine intravenously, there will often be ‘track marks’ in the places where the cocaine is being injected. The most common places are the veins near the insides of the elbows, so this would be the best place to look if you are trying to figure out if someone is using cocaine or not.

If a person ingesting cocaine/snorting it, sometimes it can take longer for people to notice it. However, after long term usage this way, the user may often have nose bleeds, or touch their nose often due to discomfort.

Some of the less obvious symptoms a cocaine user may experience are as follows:

-Increased heart rate



-Frequent change in mood

-Increased energy

These symptoms may be obvious to the person using the cocaine, but can be harder for other people to notice. Even if they do notice these symptoms in the user, it may be difficult for someone to determine that these are symptoms of cocaine use.

Cocaine is a very addictive and dangerous drug. Aside from causing physical and psychological dependence, cocaine can have very severe side effects. 

Some of the consequences of cocaine use and abuse are:

-heart attacks

-chest pain

-respiratory failure






As you can see from the list of possible consequences, cocaine is a very dangerous drug. If you are using cocaine or know someone who is or think you see the symptoms described above demonstrated by a loved one, get help now! Cocaine overdose is all too common.

There are numerous ways to obtain help for drug addicts. If money is a problem, there are even free drug rehab centers.

If necessary, an alcohol drug intervention can be planned. That may sound drastic, but it can be necessary to save a loved one's life.

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