Trying to help someone I love from a Demon

by Elizabeth Albright
(Tucson Arizona)


I want to share my story and I want to make others aware of Alcoholism and what can happen.

My name is Elizabeth and I am 45 years old and I try to help someone I love from the demon known as alcohol.

I knew of him so long ago; we went to high school together for two years in the early 80's, so we are from the same hometown. In fact he was my high school crush and a lot of girls had crushes on him and he was popular, so out of my league.

He would go to military school and years would pass and 29 years later, he friended me on Facebook. So we ended up talking and we grew close to the point I wanted to be with him, so I came to Arizona. I knew he was battling alcohol, I knew he had liver disease, I just never knew how dark it was.

At age 44 (he will be 45 in August), he takes numerous medications, is on disability (which got cut),is unable to work, and he struggles to pay the bills. Despite three DUI's and three stints in Rehab, he continues to relapse.

In time, he will need a liver transplant. He had Hepatitis B in his thirties and didn't know it as it cleared up on its own.

Please don't drink and if you do, be safe and know when to stop because it leads to poor judgment, poor behavior, and stressful relationships. If you can't be around it, don't buy it or go to a bar and please don't drive even tipsy. It's dangerous and it's not worth the risk to put you or others in danger.

Despite this demon, he is a loving, caring, giving person and so compassionate with a lot to offer. It breaks my heart that he battles this demon.

Please be smart if you drink, and if you can't be around it "Don't do it"!!!!

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Jul 02, 2011
To Elizabeth
by: Rae

Hey Elizabeth,

I just wanted to thank you for sharing your story. Everyone has a unique story, but the results are always the same. Alcohol steals away the people we love, and it ruins people's lives.

Despite all of the negative consequences people suffer due to alcohol, sometimes it's not enough to get them to stop and truly get the help they need. Everyone has to hit their own 'bottom' I suppose, and unfortunately that can take decades for some people.

It's really great of you to stick by this person you love, and I will pray for both of you. It can be just as difficult for the loved ones of the alcoholic as it is for the alcoholic himself. Everyone suffers, and everyone has a lot to deal with.

I would recommend al-anon meetings for you if you have any interest. They are meetings for the loved ones of alcoholics, and the idea is for you to have a place where you can go talk about how you feel and get some support for yourself.

I wish you both nothing but the best, and feel free to write back to us at any time!


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