What is Drug Abuse and other Answers to Any Question about Substance Abuse

A lot of people have questions such as What is Drug Abuse or questions about alcoholism and questions about substance abuse, but they are either too afraid to ask or they just don’t know where to ask questions. We have designed this page to give you a safe place to ask those addiction questions.

Asking questions can be scary, especially because people with drug addictions or an alcohol addiction and the people who love them don’t always really want their questions answered. Answers to any question can sometimes be scary, especially because the topic of substance abuse is a very fragile one.

However scary this topic may be, learning about drug abuse and alcohol abuse is very important. It could potentially help you save someone’s life one day or even help you save your own life if you find yourself struggling with an addiction.

If you have a question to ask about addiction, please feel free to use our question form at the bottom of the page.

Some of the most common categories of questions we receive include:

(1) Questions about drug abuse including:

- What is drug abuse
- How to prevent drug abuse
- How to stop drug abuse

(2) Other Categories of Substance Abuse Questions

(3) Alcoholism questions such as:

What is alcoholism?
What is alcohol abuse?
Am I an alcoholic?
How to stop drinking
How alcohol affects the body
How to give up alcohol
How to help an alcoholic
How to stop drinking alcohol
How to treat alcoholism

The greatest news I can give you is that there is an answer - there are alcohol rehab facilities and drug treatment programs. By asking questions about alcohol and symptoms of drug abuse, you may get answers that will show you how to help an alcoholic.

There’s no simple solution; each person who needs help is very different, but it is important for people to have a place where they can learn more information about drug abuse. Addiction and alcoholism are so prevalent in society today. If we want to help ourselves and other people who may be in trouble, we need to have information.

We want to encourage everyone to write into our website and ask questions for free! It doesn’t matter what you want to know - we will try to help you or send you in the direction of the right answers. We are open for questions about any aspect of addiction, even relationship questions about the stress of substance abuse on your relationship with a loved one.

Some questions that I hear most often are the following:

- what is substance abuse?
- what are the effects of drugs?
- where can I find treatment for drug abuse or alcohol rehab facilities?
- what can I do about my teens and drug abuse?
- What is the best drug abuse prevention for my young children?
- What is drug abuse rehab like? - what are the causes of drug abuse?
- is marijuana addictive?

You can write to us and ask about absolutely anything. If we don’t know the answer, we will absolutely find answers for you.

Drug addictions and alcohol addiction can be very scary to talk about and to deal with, but we want to try to help you with that as much as possible. If you have a question to ask, you can always submit it anonymously if you are worried about people knowing that you or someone you love has a problem.

What is drug abuse doing to your life? There are a lot of resources out there to help alcoholics and drug addicts, so if you need a question answered, don’t hesitate to write in and get the information you need.

Ask questions - Get answers!

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