Why Do People Drink Alcohol?

With all of the negative consequences, why do people drink alcohol? With a wealth of information on alcohol abuse, including the long term effects of alcohol, alcohol effects on the body, and staggering statistics on alcohol related deaths, the epidemic of alcohol abuse and alcohol problems baffles many.

I remember when I used to drink alcohol on a very regular basis. I never thought of the negative consequences of drinking. And quite honestly, I never thought about drunk driving consequences, despite the many drunk driving stories I may have heard, either. For a while, drinking alcohol was something I did to be social. My friends drank, and when we went out or were getting ready to go out, that’s what we did. There never seemed to be a place, at least in the life I was living at this time, where drinking alcohol was not acceptable. It made me feel better, it lightened the mood, and it was just what I did. Never in my life did I imagine that I would be sitting here wondering, "Why do people drink alcohol?" Yet here I am.

I certainly understand that not all people are alcoholics, not all people drink and drive, and not all people end up in inpatient alcohol treatment centers. That being said, the negative consequences of drinking alcohol,even for people who aren’t exhibiting alcoholic symptoms or alcoholic behavior, seem to far outweigh any of the benefits of drinking alcohol.

Why Do People Drink Alcohol and Then Drive?

If people had all of the information on alcohol abuse and all of the facts about drunk driving, I think a lot more people might think twice before they had a drink. I also think this information is important to know so that we can be aware of the people around us and look out for the warning signs. The long term effects of alcohol can be very detrimental, even for people who only drink a few nights per week. If people knew more of the facts, I think a lot more of us would sit back and wonder, "Why do people drink alcohol?"

According to a the MADD group,(mothers against drunk drivers), a person will drive drunk (on average) at least 85 times before they get arrested.

In their lifetime, approximately 33% of people will be involved in a car crash involving alcohol.

One individual is hurt or injured in an alcohol-related car crash every sixty seconds.

20% of teenagers binge drink, but only 1% of parents with teenagers actually believe this.

Kids who begin drinking at a young age are seven times more likelyto be in an alcohol-related accident.

These are just a few of the scary statistics surrounding drunk driving consequences and information on alcohol abuse. If the average number of times a person drives drunk before getting arrested is 87, imagine how many other people are out there, driving under the influence right now, and not getting caught. DUI crashes happen ALL the time, and when people get behind the wheel after drinking, it’s just a matter ofwhen there will be drunk driving car accidents, not if.

Kids who start drinking young and kids who binge drink are much more likely to get into an alcohol related car crash, so why do parents so often turn a blind eye and allow their children to drink? Sure, there’s no way to watch your child every second of every day, but everyone should be extra cautious with their children and try to do everything in their power to make sure their young children are not drinking illegally. Teenage alcohol abuse is a real epidemic in this country. There are people drinking alcohol all over the world, and there are people who don’t even think twice before they take a drink.

I don’t believe that education is going to cure alcoholism or solve drunk driving car accidents, but I certainly think that if people had all the facts they might reconsider their decisions. I think this information on alcohol abuse and on the long term effects of alcohol just might make some people wonder... Why do people drink alcohol? Why do people continue to drink despite drunk driving consequences, despite experiences with alcohol addiction rehab treatment, despite alcohol withdrawal symptoms, and despite alcohol effects on the body?


Why Do People Drink Alcohol and Abuse Alcohol?

Some people may think that, because they do not consider themselves an alcoholic, they can’t possibly experience problems related to drinking or alcohol withdrawal symptoms. This is not true. Sure, there is a difference between alcohol abuse and alcoholism, but the consequences can be the same.

Alcohol abuse is characterized by drinking too much and drinking too often, perhaps missing work or school engagements, but not being truly dependent on alcohol to function. An alcoholic is someone who ismentally and physically dependent on alcohol, and most likely experiences severe disruption in their everyday life due to their alcohol consumption. Honestly though, the distinction doesn’t seem to matter all that much.

Someone who drinks too much is at very high risk for alcohol related accidents and even alcohol related deaths, whether they are dependent on alcohol or not. Alcohol effects on the body are extreme, and some of the long term effects of alcohol include:

Cancer – drinking/abusing alcohol can cause you to develop cancer of the throat or the mouth. Heavy drinkers are also at risk for developing breast cancer and cancer of the liver.

Heart disease

Stroke – Strokes happen for two reasons: Blood clogs up the arteries in the brain, or blood vessels burst and leak into the brain. A heavy drinking session causes dehydration and thickens the blood, making it more prone to clots. Over time, heavy drinking can also raise your blood pressure, and this is likely to cause strokes.



These are just some of the longer term effects of alcohol abuse, but I don’t think I need to go on. With all of this information, I find it hard to believe that anyone would want to continue drinking. I find it hard to understand why do people drink alcohol, even if it is just one drink every now and then. Alcohol is clearly a dangerous substance, regardless of whether or not the person drinking it fits the definition of an alcoholic.

Why Do People Drink Alcohol and Make Poor Decisions?

Even one drink can impair your judgment when it comes to decision making, especially in regards to driving. When someone drinks and gets behind the wheel of a car, this affects everyone on the road, not just the people drinking. The facts on drunk driving effect those who drive sober as well.

This information is important for everyone to know, not just people who drink. After reviewing all of this information, I find myself even more baffled, despite my history of being an alcohol addict, I am still wondering why do people drink alcohol when the consequences are so great?

People drinking alcohol and getting behind the wheel is a terrible decision. But with all of this information on alcohol abuse and the dangers of alcohol in general, we are forced to consider the fact that maybe choosing to drink alcohol, even just one drink, is the biggest poor decision anyone could make. 

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